How to cure ureaplasmosis with the help of folk remedies

Modern medicine also can not guarantee a cure for ureaplasma. You can find hundreds of people who ask for help on how to cure ureaplasma. Some are just beginning to be treated, others have already spent many years on this! And at the end of the road, everyone acknowledges that they can not be cured! The problem is that they treat the effect, but you need to eliminate the cause of the disease.

To cure a disease such as ureaplasma, it is necessary to restore its immunity so that the body itself can cure itself. Below are the fitoes that will help you raise your immunity and increase the chances of cure for ureaplasma. But in addition to folk remedies for treating ureaplasma, you should use pollen or royal jelly.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 1

This infusion increases appetite, restores metabolism and immunity. Take 2 parts of Hypericum grass, clover flowers, dill seeds, calamus roots, 1 part of tricolor violet grass, plantain seeds, wormwood grass, and 3 parts of plantain leaves.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment of ureaplasma with herbs is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 2

In addition to improving immunity, this collection restores the blood and improves your mood. Take 2 parts of Leuzei root, 2 parts of calamus root and Deviacela, 4 parts of Eleutherococcus root, 4 parts of Althea root, 5 parts of licorice root and 1 part of Aralia root.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 3

Infusion boosts immunity and restores the menstrual cycle in women. 3 parts of eleutherococcus, 1 part of zamanihi roots, 3 parts of thistle, 1 part of aralia roots, 5 parts of licorice roots, 2 parts of angelica roots.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 4

This collection charges you with energy, removes toxins from the body, increases appetite and mood, restores immunity and digestion. Take 2 parts of bergenia, 4 parts of licorice root, 2 parts of Eleutherococcus root, 1 part of Rhodiola root, 2 parts of calamus root, 1 part of Aralia root, 3 parts of Devyasil root, 4 parts of red rowan fruit.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 5

This herbal collection is made according to the prescription Deryabina. It normalizes the acid-base balance, has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, anti-tumor, immunostimulating action. Take all in the same parts: birch buds, immortelle flowers, valerian root, oregano grass, St. John's wort grass, calendula flowers, nettle leaf, burned root, linden flowers, coltsfoot leaf, millennium grass, yarrow grass, dandelion root, leaf plantain, motherwort herb, chamomile flowers, pine buds, dried grass, caraway seeds, mint herb, thyme herb, celandine herb, succession herb, sage herb.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 6

This infusion boosts immunity, reduces pressure, boosts your mood. In addition, it acts as an antispasmodic, vessel strengthening, antimicrobial drug. Take 2 parts of hawthorn fruit, 1 part of linden flowers, 3 parts of dried grass, 2 parts of hawthorn flowers, 3 parts of fireweed leaves, 1 part of dill fruit, 2 parts of elder flowers, 1 part of aniseed fruit, 2 parts of valerian root, 2 parts of oregano grass , 2 parts of chamomile flowers, 2 parts of hop cones, 2 parts of nettle leaves, 2 parts of calamus root, 2 parts of mint leaves, 1 part of cyanosis grass, 2 parts of meadow flowers.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of herbal therapy is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 7

Take 2 portions of oregano herb, 2 portions of lung grass, 3 part of wormwood herb, 1 part of thyme herb, 1 part of flaxseed herb, 2 parts of knotweed herb, 1 part of blackgrass herb, 6 parts of birch leaves, 2 parts of hypericum herb, 3 part of licorice roots , 2 parts of calamus root, 4 parts of raspberry leaves, 2 parts of valerian root.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 8

Take 2 portions of oregano herb, 2 portions of lung grass, 3 portions of wormwood herb, 1 portion of thyme herb, 2 portions of Hypericum herb, 1 portion of flaxseed herb, 2 portions of knotweed herb, 1 portion of blackgrass herb, 6 portions of birch leaves, 2 portions of valerian root , 4 parts of raspberry leaves, 2 parts of calamus root, 3 parts of licorice root.

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment of ureaplasma with herbs is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Treatment of ureaplasma with herbs 9

Take 4 parts of gentian grass, 3 parts of valerian roots, 4 parts of elecampus roots, 3 parts of calamus root, 3 parts of licorice roots, 2 parts of birch leaves, 2 parts of rosehips, 2 parts of mint grass, 2 parts of dummy root .

Mix everything together and grind in a coffee grinder. Two tablespoons of the resulting powder pour in a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water overnight. Drink a glass 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 months. During the year should be 2-3 courses.

Causes of inflammation

There are several common causes of ureaplasmosis. Among them:

  • unprotected intercourse and frequent change of partners
  • factors that adversely affect the immune system,
  • inflammation of the urogenital system due to hypothermia,
  • neglect of intimate hygiene standards,
  • domestic methods of transmission (in swimming pools and saunas).

Women suffering from chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, there is a predisposition to the development of ureaplasmosis. In most cases, they are the carriers of the pathogen.

The incubation period is two to four weeks. For a long time, an infected person may not be aware of the presence of the disease, since at the first stages the symptoms are practically not expressed. However, over time, the activity of harmful bacteria in any case will affect the well-being.

The main symptoms in men and women

In the acute stage, ureaplasmosis in men will be disturbing:

  • pain when urinating, accompanied by uncharacteristic secretions of a hazy shade,
  • pain in the groin,
  • burning and itching in the region of the coronary sulcus and urethra.

In women, ureaplasmosis manifests itself in the form of:

  • transparent, odorless discharge, accompanied by characteristic burning and itching,
  • frequent urination, which is accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome,
  • pain during and after intercourse,
  • pain in the lower abdomen, which indicates inflammation of the cervix,
  • a slight increase in temperature due to intoxication.

These symptoms are characteristic of many diseases, including sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, it is not recommended to try to establish the diagnosis yourself. To do this, you must pass the necessary examination and obtain a specialist opinion. It is also important to realize that the disease does not disappear by itself. The body is unable to cope with such pathogens without proper intervention. Late treatment may lead to the development of a chronic form of the disease, which threatens with infertility for both women and men.

Effective treatment of ureaplasmosis folk remedies

How to cure ureaplasmosis folk remedies? An early recovery can be achieved through an integrated approach. It should include the methods of traditional treatment and recipes of traditional medicine. It is equally important to regularly take tests for laboratory diagnosis. Treatment with folk remedies should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist in order to avoid negative consequences.

Effective folk recipes:

  • An invaluable benefit to the immune system is having the treatment of such herbs as:
  • thyme,
  • yarrow,
  • burnet root.

These ingredients need to chop and add birch buds. Pour the mixture with a glass of boiling water and infuse the broth for eight hours, after covering it with a towel. In the future, you need to strain the liquid and drink half a cup in the morning and evening before eating,

  • To make this tincture you will need:
  • liquorice root,
  • kopeck
  • Levzey,
  • a succession
  • chamomile,
  • alder cones.

The method of preparation is similar to the previous recipe: pour the mixture with boiling water and warm it with a thick cloth to let it brew for 8-10 hours. Apply twice daily before meals,

  • Garlic tampons are extremely useful. They can be made independently at home. To do this, you will need to pierce a clove of garlic, wrap it with gauze or a bandage, and put it in vegetable oil in the intimate area before going to bed. The swab should remain inside at least eight hours. This procedure should be repeated daily for seven days. Taking into account the numerous reviews, we can conclude that this method is considered to be one of the most effective in the treatment of ureaplasmosis in women,
  • To reduce the intensity of symptoms, douching is very effective. To prepare an effective solution will require:
  • Badana root,
  • Kuril tea,
  • Oak bark.

All components are required to chop thoroughly. Four spoons of this herb collection should be poured with a liter of hot water. The cooled solution must be filtered through a thick layer of gauze. It is recommended to apply not more than twice a day. When the symptoms are less pronounced, therapy should continue through the day. The course of treatment is two weeks. This solution is quite effective for preventive purposes. It has an antiseptic effect and neutralizes inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs,

  • Goldenrod is a century-old plant of the Compositae family. It has unique in its value therapeutic properties and practically does not cause adverse reactions. It removes puffiness and inflammation, and also helps normalize the microflora of organs and systems. Stimulates the immune system. Through this miraculous plant, you can get rid of harmful bacteria in the body and in the urinary system in particular. For this, it is necessary to brew goldenrod tea four times a day for a month. Method of preparation: 2 tablespoons of dried and crushed plants must be filled with hot water (0.5 liters) and let stand for two hours. This tea is recommended for use by doctors with a complication of ureaplasmosis. Significantly reduced the activity of ureaplasma in men with diseases such as cystitis and urethritis,
  • Hypericum herb in complex application with licorice root, alder cones and chamomile flowers has good healing properties. This mixture must be thoroughly mixed and crushed, then pour boiling water and insist for 8 to 10 hours. The broth must be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime for half a cup.
  • For syringing is ideal solution from the tea tree. This solution is well proven due to the harm caused by ureaplasma. It should be in the water for this procedure, add a few drops of essential oil on the basis of tea tree. Douching must be performed twice a day for a month.
  • Treatment of ureaplasma in men can be carried out by means of an ointment for the sexual organ on the basis of walnuts. It can be made independently at home. To do this, you need to: twist a glass of green walnuts in a meat grinder and mix the resulting mashed potatoes with two glasses of natural pork fat. This mixture should be thoroughly mixed and kept in a water bath for several minutes. It is very important not to allow boiling, because in this case the ointment will not bring the expected healing effect. Broth needs to be filtered and allowed to cool. Apply the ointment must be rubbing movements over the entire area of ​​the head of the penis in the morning and evening every day. Before use, the penis should be thoroughly washed and wiped dry. The recommended course of therapy is 2 weeks. Procedures should be carried out in this mode, even in the absence of symptoms and at least once a year for prevention,
  • Lemon juice and room temperature water. Perform douching with this solution can be no more than once a day. Otherwise, irritation of the genital mucosa is possible. The course of treatment to continue no more than seven days.

Restorative recipes of traditional medicine

Not less important for ensuring the normal functioning of the body are restorative infusions. With their help, it will be possible to suppress the disease and strengthen the immune system in a relatively short time. To stimulate the protective properties of the organism, traditional healers suggest using the following recipes:

  • It is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of devyala, calamus and Leuzei root, five spoons of Eleutherococcus roots and Althea, a spoonful of Aralia root. The mixture is required to mix as thoroughly as possible and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist preferably in a thermos for at least nine hours. It is recommended to use in small portions (200 ml) three times a day. Treatment in this way should last at least three months. Irreplaceable property of this tincture is blood renewal,
  • Daily use of natural wheat germ juice will restore the immune system,
  • To maintain the balance of the microflora of the body, some doctors recommend drinking one teaspoon daily for a month sea buckthorn and linseed oil.

Before using one of the previously described solutions, it is imperative to ensure that there is no possible allergic reaction. To do this, apply the prepared solution to a small area of ​​skin and wait about 20 minutes. If a rash or redness with a characteristic itch does not begin to appear, then you can safely proceed to therapy.Otherwise, you should choose a different, less irritating agent and try again, and thoroughly wash the place where the solution that caused the allergic reaction is applied. Unfortunately, the manifestation of allergies is almost impossible to predict. It depends solely on the individual characteristics of the organism.

For the period of illness it is recommended to refrain from the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Recovery will be facilitated by the temporary rejection of junk food. It is best to give preference to predominantly sour - dairy products, since they contain a large number of beneficial bacteria. After the end of the course of treatment, it is necessary to make sure that there is no pathogen in the body through laboratory examination.

Preventive measures

In order to protect your body from ureaplasma, it is recommended:

  • adhere to the rules of hygiene of the intimate zone,
  • during sexual intercourse, it is necessary to use appropriate contraceptive measures,
  • twice a year, make an appointment with a specialist for an inspection.

Timely diagnosis of the disease will eliminate the causes of the disease without negative consequences for the body. This is possible only when examined by a doctor, since the early stages of development of ureaplasmosis in most cases are asymptomatic.

It is recommended to use fortifying folk remedies as a preventive measure at least once a year. Well stimulate the immune system berries, currants, strawberries and raspberries, as well as garlic. It is important to understand that, as a preventive measure, garlic is good only in reasonable quantities. You should not eat it daily, because its action adversely affects the functioning of the nervous system, and also impairs the reaction and memory.

In the presence of the disease, both sexual partners must be treated. Otherwise, the aggravation will be repeated in a more severe form.

General information

The causative agents of sexually transmitted infections are various microbes. And the diseases provoked by them are equally found in both men and women. A prominent representative of pathogenic microorganisms is Ureaplasma.

Despite the fact that there are several types of ureaplasma, only 2 of them are considered dangerous for the human body:

  1. Ureaplasma parvum usually develops in people with weakened immunity, as well as on the background of such infections as gonorrhea or chlamydia.
  2. Ureaplasma urealytikum (ureaplasma urealyticum). As in the previous case, the bacteria of this species are transmitted sexually. The main cause of infection is promiscuous sex.

Most often, ureaplasma develops in the body asymptomatic. Moreover, if women may show blurry signs, then the representatives of the stronger sex have no clinical manifestations of the infection in more than 60% of cases. Common symptoms in women include pulling pain in the lower abdomen and abundant vaginal discharge. The development of cystitis and inflammation of the cervical canal is a consequence of the presence of ureaplasm in the body.

In men, with the development of infection, discomfort may arise during urination, pain in the scrotum and lower abdomen. In advanced cases, pus begins to flow from the urethral opening. It must be remembered that at the first sign of infection, you should immediately consult a doctor. When ureaplasmosis treatment of folk remedies is better to use as an additional method.

Herbal medicine against the virus

When getting rid of ureaplasma folk methods using herbal infusions and decoctions. The most effective are the following recipes:

  1. Broth goldenrod. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to restore the intestinal microflora. To prepare the infusion take 4 tbsp. l goldenrod, pour it 1 liter of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning, the resulting broth is filtered and taken 1/2 cup 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.
  2. Decoction of flax seeds, coltsfoot flowers and olive leaves. All ingredients are mixed in equal parts, take 1 tbsp. l mixture and pour it 0.5 liters of boiling water. Let it brew for 2 hours. Broth take 100 ml 3 times a day.
  3. The following remedy will help restore the body's defenses and help cure the ureaplasma. You must take 1 tbsp. l clover, dill seeds, calamus root and St. John's wort. Then add 1 tsp to the resulting collection. wormwood and violet flowers, 2 tbsp. l dried plantain leaves. Mix everything and grind in a coffee grinder. 1 tbsp. l of the resulting powder pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist 10 hours. Strain the broth and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals. The course of therapy is 3 months.
  4. A good tool in the fight against ureaplasma is alcohol tincture. For its preparation, you should take 25 g of juniper berries and 50 g of celandine grass, poplar buds and bird cherry bark each. All components of the mix, put in a glass jar and pour back 350 ml of medical alcohol. Cap the lid and put in a cool dark place for 2 weeks, while the jar should be shaken periodically. The finished tincture is taken 45 minutes before meals according to the following scheme: the first 10 days for 20 drops, then another 10 days for 30 drops and the next 10 days again for 20 drops. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 2 months.

These folk methods help to successfully combat ureaplasma. But before using them, you should consult with your doctor.

Douches, ointments, tampons

When treating at home, herbal teas are taken not only by mouth, women can use them for douching. Before you begin the procedure, remember to remember certain rules:

  1. Any decoction for syringing can be used only in fresh form. Even after 12–14 hours, pathogenic microorganisms may appear in it.
  2. The optimal decoction temperature for the procedure is + 34–36 ° C. It is forbidden to douch with a hot or cold solution.
  3. The therapeutic course should last no more than 8–10 days. Then you should stop the procedure for a few days.
  4. Herbs are better to buy in a pharmacy or specialty store.

For douching, you can prepare a decoction of oak bark, uterus boron, Kuril tea and root bergenia. You must take 1 tbsp. l each component, mix, pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist for an hour. Warm broth dial in a special pear and enter into the vagina. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a day.

Self-made tampons are used as a topical treatment for women. To make them, they take a small piece of cotton wool, wrap it with gauze or a sterile bandage, leaving a small tail for easy removal. The resulting tampon is impregnated with medical composition, injected into the vagina and left overnight.

Soak a tampon can be oil of tea tree, calendula or sea buckthorn. The therapeutic course is 4–5 days. Please note that you need to wash your hands thoroughly before inserting the tampon, and the bandage and cotton should be sterile.

For the treatment of ureaplasma in men use a special homemade ointment. For its preparation, you need to take 100 g of walnut, grind in a meat grinder and mix with 250 g of pork fat melted in a water bath. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth and send to cool in the refrigerator. Apply a means to the genital is better before bedtime. The course of treatment is a month.

Home treatment rules

As with drug therapy, traditional methods of treatment should be applied according to certain rules. These include the following items:

  1. Before using any prescription should consult a doctor. Medicinal herbs are not always harmless and can trigger allergies.
  2. Treatment of ureaplasma by folk methods should be carried out in conjunction with traditional therapy.
  3. Any recipes of traditional medicine have their own contraindications. They absolutely can not be used for tumors and pregnancies.

In order to cope with ureaplasma, only one treatment is not enough. The patient must give up bad habits, monitor the state of the immune system and follow the rules of intimate hygiene. Getting rid of the virus at the initial stage of the disease is easy. But in the absence of timely treatment, serious inflammation develops, and the healing process is delayed for a long time.

Should ureaplasmosis be treated?

In the professional environment about the infection, ureplazmoz runs a lot of controversy and controversy about what this disease belongs to and in which case it should be treated. For example, in Europe, ureaplasmosis is not officially recognized as a disease. And attention is paid to ureaplasma only in case of unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, with careful examination of the whole organism. In Russia, this problem is treated with a more conservative approach, doctors advise treating the infection even at low levels of its content in the body. If you need advice from an experienced specialist, you can see here ...

Today, most gynecologists believe that if the crop titers are low (no more than 10 to 4), and the woman should not become pregnant, the treatment of ureaplasma with medical methods is carried out by mutual consent of the doctor and patient.

But it must be borne in mind that with a high number of ureaplasmas, the infection represents a real threat to the whole organism, especially the reproductive and urinary systems.

Recipes of folk remedies:

  1. Mix in equal quantities dried, chopped grass of thyme, yarrow, birch buds, root burn. Pour a tablespoon of herbs with 1 cup of slightly cooled boiling water. Cover the mixture with a towel and leave to infuse for 8-9 hours. Strain the infusion through a sieve or gauze and use on ½ tbsp. before meals twice a day.
  2. Combine and mix in equal parts dried, chopped licorice root, leuzei, kopechnika, chamomile flowers, grass, and alder cones. Pour a tablespoon of herbs with 1 cup of slightly cooled boiling water. The mixture is also carefully insulated and left for 10 hours. Then strain through a sieve or gauze and use on ½ tbsp. three times a day before meals or during meals.
  3. Mix in equal quantities dried and crushed grass of the nectarum, nettle, birch leaves and violets, raspberries, primrose root. Pour a tablespoon of herbs with 1 cup of slightly cooled boiling water. The mixture is also carefully insulated and left for ten to twelve hours. Next, strain through a sieve or gauze and use on ½ tbsp. three times a day before meals.
  4. It is necessary to take in the calculation of 1: 1 dried and crushed violet flowers, leaves of birch, nettle, raspberry, plantain, wild rose berries, fennel seeds, primrose root and succession. At ½ l. boiling water take a tablespoon of herbal medical mixture. Insist in a thermos for at least six hours and drink ½ cup three to five times a day before meals as tea for no more than 2 weeks.
  5. Take in equal parts dried and chopped herb St. John's wort perforated and succession, licorice root, alder cones, chamomile flowers. All mix, brew and take as the previous collection.
  6. When complications of ureaplasmosis and the development of cystitis and urethritis will help infusion of goldenrod. You need two tablespoons of herbal raw materials pour ½ l. boiling water, cool and drink as tea four times a day during the month.

Therapeutic water treatments

In addition to herbal infusions for ingestion, it is useful and effective to do douching, washing, sitting baths and coating.

  • Perform douching several times a day (preferably 3) according to a very popular and long-proven recipe: bergenia, Kuril tea and oak bark in equal parts to mix. Then mix (four tablespoons) pour 1 l. water. Boil the resulting mixture in a water bath for about thirty minutes. Then cool the broth and strain. Fill with water to the original volume. Douching should be done during the week to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.
  • Mix together one part of the dried and chopped root of Bergenia and Wintergreen, herbs of the pine forest, and oak bark - two parts. Next, mix the mixture (2 tablespoons) with a liter of warm water. Cook the broth and use it according to the previous recipe.
  • Combine lemon juice (1 ½ tbsp. L.) And a glass of slightly cooled boiled water, or you can use the following proportion: juice of half a lemon per liter. cooled boiled water. Doing daily douches 5-7 days.
  • Ureaplasma is very sensitive to tea tree, so it is recommended to add a couple of droplets of its essential oil to water for douching and washing.
  • Green walnuts - twist 1 cup in a meat grinder, mix with 2 cups of pork fat, knead, not boiling, melt in a water bath. Then strain through a strainer or gauze, cool and coat the penis twice a day for 1-2 weeks.

To effectively combat ureaplasma, it is important to increase immunity!

Immunity stimulates well. garlic. It is recommended to eat several cloves of garlic per day or garlic paste according to the following recipe: mix 100 gr. chopped garlic with olive oil (100 ml.), salt and lemon juice to taste. Pasta can be spread on sandwiches or added to various dishes.

To raise immunity you need to consume as much as possible. strawberries, black currants, sea buckthorn berries, raspberries.

Good boosts immunity sea ​​buckthorn oil due to the high content of beta-carotene. For treatment and prophylaxis, take a teaspoon in the morning before meals or add to dishes instead of butter.

Also very useful is linseed oil.

Diagnosis and prevention

If an infection is suspected, it is necessary to undergo a thorough, comprehensive examination, because the symptoms at the onset of the disease may not manifest at all, and the infection is not always detected by laboratory. The doctor will prescribe a complex treatment, and as supplementary therapy, treatment of ureaplasma can be carried out using traditional methods.

For the prevention and treatment of ureaplasmosis, it is recommended to adjust the diet and include rye bread, oatmeal, fish and seafood, goat dairy products, natural yoghurts, dark rice, beans and fresh vegetables in your diet.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that in order to prevent the development of this disease it is necessary:

  • constantly strengthen the immune system, enhancing the protective functions of the body,
  • be sure to follow intimate hygiene,
  • visit the doctor regularly,
  • be tested for microflora,
  • be picky about sex.

Compliance with these recommendations will help prevent not only such an insidious disease as ureaplasmosis, but also prevent the occurrence of other diseases of the genital and urinary systems.

Treatment methods

To combat ureaplasmosis in traditional medicine used a variety of means. The most effective are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Immunomodulatory drugs
  • Probiotics,
  • Vitamins and proper nutrition,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Ethnoscience.

The main condition for the effective elimination of the disease is the simultaneous treatment of both partners, which should be carried out exclusively intensively.


Antibiotics successfully relieve inflammatory reactions of the body and equally destroy the causative agent of ureaplasmosis, both in men and women. The most effective antibiotics in the treatment of ureaplasmosis have shown themselves in practice:

The effectiveness of each drug is determined by sowing a pure culture of ureaplasma on agar-agar - nutrient medium, placed in a Petri dish. For three days the microorganism multiplies in a thermostat with an average temperature of the human body - 37 degrees Celsius.

Then, small paper circles impregnated with various antibiotics are superimposed on the surface of the nutrient medium interspersed with sprouted strain. The subject of research is again placed in a thermostat. After three days, the microbiologist removes a Petri dish from the thermostat and analyzes the situation.

The diameter of the so-called “lysis zone”, a colorless areola formed around each circle with an antibiotic, is taken into account. What it is, the drug is more effective. For treatment, only the most effective antibiotics are prescribed.

In the case of ureaplasmosis, Doxycycline and Macropen have proven to be such.

The usefulness of the effect of antibiotics on ureaplasma also depends on the scheme of its therapeutic use: single and daily dose, duration of treatment, the presence of contraindications, as well as patient discipline. Irregularity in taking medication largely depreciates the essence of therapy.

The optimal treatment regimen for ureaplasma with the most effective drugs among antibiotics is shown in this table:

AntibioticDose (mg)Frequency (per day)Duration (days)Contraindications
Doxycillin1002from 7 to 14Allergy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 8 years old, thrush, liver and kidney dysfunction, photosensitization, dysbacteriosis
Macropene400314Nausea, vomiting, colitis, diarrhea
Azithromycin25026Nausea, vomiting, colitis, diarrhea, arrhythmia, restriction of admission

children less than 12 years old

Clarithromycin50023Diarrheal disorders, restriction in the reception

children less than 12 years old

The only antibiotic approved for use during pregnancy is Josamycin.

Its daily dose is 1500 mg (in 3 doses). The course of treatment is ten days. All antibiotics for the treatment of ureaplasmosis are available in capsules, tablets and vaginal suppositories that contain a specific single dose of the drug.


The use of immunomodulatory drugs for ureaplasmosis is fundamental and always accompanies antibiotic therapy.

With the help of natural or synthetic immunomodulators inducing interferon, the general immunity of the body is strengthened, which prevents not only the recurrence of the disease, but also the occurrence of adverse pathologies that are possible against the background of immunodeficiency.

A good therapeutic result shows the use of Cycloferon, Polyoxidonium, Medicament and Immunomax.

The scheme of their use is as follows:

A drugMode of applicationDose (mg)Course duration (days)

Least contraindications associated with the use of suppositories. Their active ingredients are in contact with the pathogen directly at its localization, do not penetrate into the blood and do not cause adverse reactions of the body.


Probiotics include preparations containing live strains of bacteria that contribute to the regeneration of the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract, which died as a result of prolonged use of antibiotics.

The most effective include:

The most effective probiotics designed to normalize the intestinal microflora are Bifidumbacterin and Biovestin. Both drugs are available in the form of tablets, capsules and suppositories.

The scheme of application of these probiotics:

A drugDose (mg)Reception frequency per dayCourse duration (weeks)Contraindications
Bifidumbacterin24up to 4Lactose deficiency, allergy to the drug
Biovestin121Up to 4 weeks, with complications up to 3 months.Allergy to dairy products and the drug

These probiotics restore the microflora of the urogenital tract wire pathways.

Vitamins, nutrition and lifestyle

In the course of treatment of the disease, in addition to taking antibiotics, immunomodulators and probiotics, you must follow a diet and lead a certain lifestyle:

  • Eating foods rich in vitamins, especially C and group B,
  • Moderation in food fried, smoked, fatty dishes, as well as ketchup and spicy seasonings,
  • Refusal from alcohol, sweets, flour food,
  • Physical activity

At the heart of the daily diet should be:

  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juices,
  • Vegetable salads with greens,
  • Lactic acid food
  • Cereals from various cereals,
  • Low-fat seafood,
  • Boiled chicken or turkey.

Not less than once a week, you should clean your intestines with sorbents, hepatoprotectors, choleretic infusions.


Ureaplasmosis, especially in the advanced stage, can lead to severe complications that affect the entire urogenital system.

In women, this, first of all, affects the childbearing abilities - the impossibility of conceiving or normal gestation. The main cause of both pathologies in the formation of adhesions in the cervix and fallopian tubes.

The purpose of physiotherapy activities in this case is:

  • In preventing the development of pathological consequences,
  • In activating local and general immunity.

The most common physiotherapy procedures for women are as follows:

  • Gynecological massage,
  • Healing mud treatment
  • Hirudotherapy
  • Intravenous administration of ozone-containing and radioactive drugs that activate the immune system,
  • Magnetotherapy and electrophoresis as a means of localizing and stopping inflammatory processes.

Specific methods and their treatment schemes are determined by the gynecologist. The result of the combined use of physiotherapy and drug therapy is a reduction in the course of treatment by increasing its effectiveness.

Folk remedies

With ureaplasmosis, traditional medicine is unable to bring a radical effect and completely cure the disease. The maximum that the patient can count on here is the dulling of some of the external symptoms of inflammation associated with the antibacterial effects of individual herbs, roots and flowers of plants.

The most popular are:

  • Broth oak bark (relieves burning and itching in the genital area when washing away),
  • Infusion of licorice root with kopechnik mixed with chopped hazelnut cones and leaves of a train (improves the patient's general condition),
  • Tea collections from herbs of the wintergreen, umbrella winter housewife, goldenrod, and pine forest uterus (used as a general tonic, as well as for wiping and douching the inflamed areas in the genital area),
  • Infusion on the dried leaves of olives, as well as flax flowers with a mother and stepmother (the purpose of the application is the same as above).


The disappearance of the symptoms of ureaplasma does not mean that it is completely over. It is important that the causes of the disease be eliminated. This is facilitated by a number of rules that should be carefully observed.

  • Follow the regimen of prescribed drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures throughout the entire course of treatment, even after tangible improvements in their condition,
  • Eat only diet products,
  • Give up alcohol and tobacco for the entire period of treatment,
  • Exclude sexual relations with the alleged source of infection, convince him to examine himself,
  • After completing the course of therapeutic interventions, screening for the presence of ureaplasmosis again. If the control sowing shows the concentration of the pathogen within the limits allowed by the norm, the disease should be considered cured.

And the most important requirement is that you cannot treat ureaplasmosis yourself. Only a doctor will be able to accurately determine the individual characteristics of the patient, the stage of development of the disease and prescribe the appropriate effective therapy.

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