Carrot Juice: Benefits and Recipes

Fresh carrot juice (fresh) is a dense, opaque liquid with a characteristic carrot tint, excellent taste characteristics and a slightly noticeable pleasant aroma.

The drink contains vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances necessary for the full functioning of the body:

  • beta-carotene, which is involved in the production of vitamin A, the deficiency of which leads to problems with eyesight, bone tissue and immunity,
  • vitamins E, K, B, D, C,
  • magnesium, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • calcium, zinc and iron,
  • phosphorus, positively affecting the productivity of brain activity,
  • selenium, copper, sodium, manganese,
  • nicotinic acid, normalizing metabolic processes.

What is useful carrot juice

Speaking about the benefits of carrot juice, first of all, they note a positive effect on visual acuity. But this is not the only useful property, in addition to this, a delicious drink:

  • Relieves inflammation, rejuvenates and cleanses the body.
  • Destroys pathogenic microflora.
  • It disinfects and reduces itching caused by bites of blood-sucking insects.
  • It has a tonic effect on the body.
  • It contributes to the speedy disposal of diseases.
  • Normalizes the immune system.
  • It activates the regenerating processes during gastritis.
  • Removes toxins and relieves inflammation in pancreatitis.
  • Treats a runny nose.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the liver.
  • Normalizes metabolic processes.
  • Positive effect on the skin, rejuvenating and returning lost freshness.

How to help pregnant and lactating

According to experts, carrot juice during pregnancy will bring considerable benefits. This is explained by the fact that the drink used in this difficult period for the female body:

  1. Provides a sufficient amount of vitamins A and E, necessary for the full intrauterine development of the fetus.
  2. It activates the body's resistance.
  3. Provides beta-carotene, active substances and trace elements necessary for the full functioning of the body.
  4. Reduces the risk of complications after childbirth.
  5. Normalizes the balance of magnesium, calcium and iron in the body.
  6. Interferes with development of anemia.

Useful carrot nectar when breastfeeding. And this is not surprising. Fresh not only improves the nutritional value of breast milk and increases its quantity, but also contains in its composition a full range of substances necessary for the full development of the newborn.

Daily use of a glass of drink allows you to increase lactation and significantly extend its duration.

Harm and contraindications

The overwhelming majority of nutritionists point out that the harm of carrot juice, consumed in the absence of contraindications and in the recommended amounts, is fiction.

Contraindications for carrot juice include:

  • children up to six months, which is associated with the risk of diathesis,
  • diabetes,
  • diarrhea,
  • aggravations of peptic ulcer and gastritis,
  • increased acidity of the stomach,
  • allergic reactions to the root,
  • liver dysfunction (the benefits and harm of carrot juice for the liver in this case largely depend on how badly the organ is damaged).

The daily rate of carrot juice is no more than two glasses. Exceeding the specified rate may lead to the skin getting a yellow shade.

How to make carrot juice

At home, make carrot juice is not difficult. To make the drink tasty and healthy:

  1. Choose a sweet, not old carrot.
  2. Root vegetables shake off the ground.
  3. How should wash.
  4. Remove the upper skin with a knife or vegetable peeler.
  5. Cut off the tips, cut all defects.
  6. Prepared root vegetables cut into small cubes.
  7. Download to juicer.

If there is no such equipment in the kitchen, use the following methods:

  • Grind the pieces of root vegetables with a blender, put the slurry in gauze and squeeze the liquid by hand.
  • Grate the roots on a plastic grater, put the gruel on the gauze, squeeze fresh.

Carrot Tomato Juice

  1. Steam tomatoes until soft.
  2. Grind blender to a puree state.
  3. The resulting mass is added to freshly squeezed carrot juice.
  4. To stir thoroughly.

If desired, add sour cream, cream or high-fat milk to the drink.

Apple and carrot fresh

  1. Freshly squeezed apple and carrot juices mixed in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. To stir thoroughly.
  3. In the resulting drink, add a teaspoon of cream.

If desired, the volume of ingredients may vary.

Terms of Use

How to drink carrot juice? Eat nectar preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast. For better digestibility of the drink, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil into it and mix it well.

To diversify the taste, tomatoes, milk, apples, beets, pumpkin are added to the classic recipe.

If fresh turned out thick, it is diluted with water to the desired consistency. But sugar is not recommended.

The drink should be drunk within thirty - forty minutes after preparation. This will get all the vitamins available in carrots.

How to use in baby food?

Carrot juice will also be useful for children. However, they give fresh juice to the children, observing the following rules:

  • Quality control. Any mother would agree that the nutrition of the baby should be tasty and healthy. That is why you should forget about drinks from stores containing dyes and preservatives, as well as from old or savory carrots.
  • Gradual introduction to the diet. Introduce carrot juice in the diet of a child can be six months. And offer a drink no more than once a month, in an amount not exceeding fifty milliliters. When the child reaches two years, the monthly norm of nectar is gradually increased.
  • Restriction of the use in pure form. Up to the age of two, the carrot juice offered to a child must be diluted with something else. This will not only reduce the biological activity of the drink, but also add a pleasant taste to it.

Should I cook carrot juice for the winter at home? Due to the fact that carrots are a root vegetable, which is always commercially available, there is no need to preserve carrot juice for the winter. Moreover, the beneficial properties of vegetable and fruit drinks are lost when canning.

What is juice therapy and how to treat juices read here.

The benefits and harm of carrot juice

Ancient Greek civilization was well known for carrots and carrot juice as an effective means to normalize the work of the digestive system. A more detailed study of the chemical composition of vegetables revealed the benefits and harms of carrot juice. What is useful carrot juice? It contains a high content of carotene, it is a precursor of vitamin A, is considered a unique substance. Carotene inhibits the aging process, reduces the risk of infections, strengthens the immune system. The amount of this substance in the body depends on the condition of the skin, hair, sweat glands, eyesight.

Carrot juice is strictly forbidden for some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: with a stomach ulcer, gastritis, colitis. Unacceptable use for high acidity and liver dysfunction. It is not recommended to use fresh carrots from patients with diabetes. When used in large quantities can be observed:

  • lethargy, drowsiness,
  • Strong headache,
  • excessive fatigue
  • yellowing of the skin,
  • change in body temperature.

For women

There are strong arguments about the benefits of carrot juice for women. An important indicator of women's health is the condition of the skin, hair, nails. Using carrot extract, skin care and its derivatives (nails, hair) is not difficult and does not require additional expenses for the purchase of expensive cosmetics. Carrot fresh removes toxins from the cells, which contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, enhancing women's health.

Active substances normalize the synthesis of female hormones, it has a positive effect on reproductive function, the general state of the reproductive system. With infertility in women, the complex of therapeutic measures includes carrot juice therapy. With regular consumption of the drink on an empty stomach, the work of the ovaries is normalized, the hormonal background is restored. As a result of such treatment, the dream of a child has all the chances to come true.

During pregnancy

A pregnant woman should get the whole complex of vitamins and microelements with food, her body functions in an enhanced mode: it ensures the development of the fetus and supports its own vital processes. Carrot juice during pregnancy solves a lot of health problems:

  • beneficial effect on digestion,
  • increases intestinal motility,
  • removes toxins and slags
  • restores the pH of the internal environment
  • reduces the manifestations of toxicosis,
  • increases the elasticity of the skin and muscles
  • is a source of calcium,
  • Beneficial effect on the nervous, immune system.

Calorie carrot juice

A small calorie carrot juice is determined by the content of a large amount of water. 100 g of the product contains almost 85 g of water, about 13 g of carbohydrates, only 1 g of protein, fat - 0.1 g, a small amount of dietary fiber. The total caloric content of the product is 56 kcal. Different information sources give calorie indicators of 28 kcal, 32 kcal, it depends on the characteristics of the root crop variety.

How to drink carrot juice

Drink carrot juice to freshly squeezed for half an hour before a meal. Cooking, store in the refrigerator is not recommended, useful substances are destroyed, and the product loses its nutritional value. The benefits and harms of carrot juice for the body depends on the daily amount in the diet, so this issue is better to discuss with your doctor. How often can you drink carrot fresh juice? In the absence of contraindications, daily intake of about 600 ml in three doses is permissible.

Drinking a healing drink in the morning will give strength for the whole day. For the full assimilation of useful substances, it is recommended to add a spoonful of vegetable oil, cream, milk. Vitamin A, which is so rich in carrots, refers to fat-soluble vitamins. Only in combination with fats the beneficial properties of carrot juice will be fully manifested. Mixes with apple, orange, pumpkin juice have a beneficial effect on the body.

When gastritis

Gastritis is accompanied by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. This disease can occur in an acute and chronic form. Folk medicine proved that carrot juice during gastritis facilitates the patient's condition. Treatment of carrot juice gives a good therapeutic effect. With regular use of this vegetable product:

  • stomach cells regenerate,
  • pain disappear
  • reduced stomach irritation,
  • normal microflora.

In oncology

Healing effect on the body has carrot juice in oncology. Phytoncides that are in it, strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A and iron inhibit the growth of the tumor. Carrot juice contributes to the destruction of pathogenic cells and starts the process of repairing damaged tissue. The mixture of carrot and beet juice has the strongest therapeutic effect in cancer.

For liver

The liver in the body plays the role of a filter to cleanse the blood of toxic substances, so the cells of this organ quickly deteriorate. Carrot juice for the liver is a powerful antioxidant, protection of cell membranes from free radicals is provided by the content of vitamins A, B, C, E. Vitamin E normalizes fat metabolism in the liver itself, preventing obesity. Freresh intake should be dosed, otherwise there is a risk of symptoms of carotene jaundice.

For Tan

Substances that are in carrots, are part of cosmetic products for tanning, their manufacture can be done at home. Tanning lotion is made from fresh carrot and vegetable oil mixed in equal parts. To obtain a uniform tan, apply the prepared lotion on the skin and sunbathe. You can drink carrot juice for tanning. A glass of healing liquid not only gives the skin a pleasant shade, but also protects it from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Homemade cosmetics prepared using carrots, tone up, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Carrot juice for the face is useful to drink in metered quantities and add to cosmetic masks for the face. For skin, the effect of each substance in carrot extract is manifested differently:

  • carotene moisturizes
  • Vitamin A promotes regeneration,
  • Vitamin PP tones and soothes,
  • Vitamin C cleans and heals.

How to make carrot juice

When used inside the carrot fresh in full manifested therapeutic effect. The recipe for carrot juice is simple and available to anyone. With an electric juicer, you can make carrot juice without much difficulty. Most of the time will take the preparation of raw materials. Root crops should be well washed, the skin should be finely cleaned or scraped off, under it there are many useful substances. Next, cut the carrots into pieces and place in a juicer, collect the liquid in a container. The output of the beverage using an electric juicer is maximum.

Without juicer

If there is a grater with the smallest protruding teeth (such a grater is used to prepare baby food), you can make carrot juice without a juicer. Pre-washed and peeled vegetables in a circular motion to grate. Squeeze the slurry directly into the container through cheesecloth or by hand. To get the maximum amount of healing liquid, rubbed pulp should be squeezed out in small portions. The disadvantage of this method in a small yield of the final product.

In blender

You can quickly make carrot juice in a blender, in which case it contains a lot of pulp and its nutritional value corresponds to a light breakfast. For this fit one large summer root vegetable, it is the most juicy. Chopped into small pieces, washed and peeled carrots are placed in a thickener of a blender and crushed to a state of mashed potatoes. Impose up to half a glass, and topped up with boiling water, allow to infuse. The temperature of the drink can be adjusted, and warm and cool drinks are equally useful.

For the winter at home

It is useful to drink vegetable juices all year round, from seasonal vegetables it turns out the most nutritious drink. Fans of a healthy lifestyle try to make carrot juice for the winter at home. To make the product not only healthy, but also tasty, you need to choose high-quality vegetables. Root vegetables should be dense, even, bright orange, juicy, with a smooth surface. They need to be washed, cleaned, remove the leaves and cut off the upper hard part.

Preparation of a useful product is an easy process, but requires compliance with the rules. For spinning, you can use electrical or mechanical devices. To preserve vitamins, fiber, pectin, do not remove the pulp and repeatedly filter. For canning use hot spill or pasteurization.

During pasteurization, the squeezed raw material is heated in a container to a temperature of 95 ° C, it should not be boiled.Hot juice is poured into sterile jars, and pasteurized for about 20 minutes, rolled up with lids and allowed to cool gradually, for this the inverted jars are covered with a warm blanket. With hot spill, the liquid is heated to 75 ° C, filtered through a fine sieve, then boiled and poured into clean cans. Then they are turned over and wrapped.

During the heating, additional ingredients are added to the drink and stirred. A few spoons of sugar will improve the taste. On the advice of nutritionists, they add a little cream, and the fat content of carotene is better absorbed. Harvested product can be mixed with other juices, it improves the taste and helps to preserve the beneficial properties of vegetables.

What fruits to choose for juice

The best fruits for making juice - grown in their garden without chemical fertilizers. If agricultural technology is not your vocation, then you should purchase carrots collected in the region where you live in proven farms.

The quality of the prepared carrot juice at home depends on the raw materials, so the fruits are selected smooth, fresh, intact, with a bright orange color. They must be firm and elastic. If the carrots are grown on their own, then the size of the fruit does not matter, the purchase price is medium-sized, with less nitrates and pesticides.

How to make fresh

Homemade carrot juice is prepared using a blender, juicer or old-fashioned use a grater, gauze for squeezing. Special household appliances created from materials that minimally react with the grinding product, significantly save time.

Since the juice retains its useful characteristics for half an hour, it is not recommended to make a squeeze from a vegetable in reserve, if you are not going to preserve or freeze.

For the preparation of a glass of healthy drink enough three large fruits. The root crop is cleaned, cut from two sides, cut into pieces and placed in a juicer.

Fresh carrot is well combined with other vegetable and fruit drinks that change the taste and enrich the chemical composition.

Consider the recipes of popular healthy cocktails:

  1. We take carrots, orange and 5 g of liquid honey. Fruit with a root crop we clean, we crush, we put in the blender, we add honey. After beating the ingredients, carrot orange juice is ready. It is useful when there is a shortage of vitamins, anemia, it gives energy for the whole day.
  2. We connect one part of a root vegetable drink and three parts of a tomato. Add 2 chopped cloves of garlic and 3 g of turmeric, mix, we get delicious tomato-carrot juice. You can combine the components of the smoothie at the cooking stage. Vitamin and mineral composition nourishes, and the body's defense against colds is enhanced by the content of garlic and spices.
  3. Optimally balanced pumpkin-carrot juice it turns out when mixing in equal shares of ripe pumpkin and carrots. With a clear dominance of the taste of the first ingredient, a little shift the proportion in the direction of the root. Vegetable mixture cleans the body well, helps recovery during the rehabilitation period.
  4. To get healing beet-carrot juice, first one small beetroot is passed through a juicer. Fresh carrots squeezed out of three after two hours. During this time, phytoncides that cause nausea evaporate from the resulting drink. Mix is ​​useful for hypertension, anemia, problems with digestion.
  5. For tasty carrot juice with cream in 200 ml of fresh vegetables add 20 g of cream, salt, cinnamon to taste. After consuming the drink, keratin digestibility, nutritional value, and energy value increase.
  6. Children like fresh carrot with apples. To prepare one serving, we take 2 large roots and 1.5 apples. My, cut the peel. Carrots cut into cubes, apple slices. Put in the juicer. If you need a clarified cocktail, filter through a fine sieve.

How to drink carrot juice

Rules of juice use:

  1. Juice is not desirable to drink breakfast, lunch or dinner. Due to the reaction with the products, there are unpleasant symptoms in the form of heartburn, bloating, intestinal colic.

Drink consumed 20-30 minutes before meals or as an independent snack. To get a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day, they drink juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Freshly prepared drink retains the vitamin-mineral complex in its original state for only half an hour. The maximum daily dose is half a liter, but in order to avoid staining of the dermis and the occurrence of headaches, recommended use no more than 2-3 times a week.
  2. Carrot drink is better absorbed when mixed with fatty foods: cream, sour cream, vegetable oils.
  3. Increase the benefits for the body and improve the taste: honey, spices, smoothies with the addition of fruit and vegetable juices.

Consider how to drink carrot juice if you want to lose weight.

If you need to quickly throw off 3 kg of excess weight, then for three days they drink at least two liters of juice. Caloric content of 100 g of the drink is 56 kcal. It is diluted with three parts of water or vegetable cocktails are made by adding the juice of sweet peppers, celery, spinach, zucchini and potatoes to carrot juice. In addition to mixes, drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily.

Precautionary measures

Carrot juice for diabetics is useful for regenerating properties, slow absorption of glucose and carbohydrates. The ratio of the elements of the chemical composition of the root allows you to adjust the quantity of sugar in the blood. But since carrots are rich in their own natural sugars, the daily intake of the drink is limited, the volume is 250-milligram glass. Individually, the dose is determined by the endocrinologist.

For cancer and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the volume of juice is also determined by the doctor.

Is it possible to carrot juice during pregnancy

The benefits of juice during pregnancy:

  • Vegetable drink reduces the symptoms of toxemia, relieves swelling.
  • Provides the future mother with vitamins and minerals for growth, full development of the fetus.
  • Carrot juice during pregnancy facilitates the work of the liver, stomach, intestines, prevents constipation.
  • Increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue, muscles and epidermis helps to give birth quickly and without breaks.
  • Fresh vegetable stabilizes the psycho-emotional state of a pregnant woman, helps with insomnia.

Juice is better to do yourself. Carrots use only qualitative, without nitrates and pesticides. Use moderately (no more than 150 mg daily), in the morning on an empty stomach, if there are no contraindications confirmed by a doctor.

Moderation in the use of juice is important to observe, first of all, in order to prevent an excess of vitamin A in the body, which is harmful to the fetus, especially in early pregnancy.

Reviews of carrot juice

Dinara, 30 years old:

“Carrot juice helped me bring back the taste of life. If it were not for experience, I would not have believed that, in addition to health benefits, the drink helps to get out of the depressive state, to look positively at the simplest things. ”

Maria, 45 years:

“I squeeze carrot juice myself for many years. Well, that there is a cottage, I am sure there are no harmful chemicals. You do not have to buy, because the vegetable is perfectly preserved until spring. The gut works like a clock. The stinging liver was restored, and in general for today there are no problems with digestion. The cold is very rare. ”

Inna, 28 years old:

“I have unhealthy kidneys. During pregnancy, she swelled badly, saved the carrot juice recommended by the gynecologist. At the same time, the number of emetic urges during toxicosis in the first trimester has decreased. ”

Olesya, 30 years old:

“I am a fan of a beautiful tanned body. A friend recommended drinking a glass of carrot juice before going to the beach. And indeed, the tan falls flat, the skin does not dry out and does not peel off. ”

Veronica, 25 years old:

“I do not like the taste of carrot drink. I determined by trial and error the recipe for the most delicious juice. I add an apple and an orange to a vegetable in a juicer. ”

Valeria, 33 years:

“In everything you need to comply with the measure. Carrot juice should not be consumed more often 2-3 times a week. I drank every day and quickly became orange. True, color soon returned to normal. ”

Tatyana, 26 years old:

“I actively use juice for sore throat. I rinse my throat, after which it is not so painful to swallow food. I also bury my son in the nose with a cold and eyes with conjunctivitis. ”

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The composition and indicators of calorie carrot juice

Vegetable carrot drink contains a lot of useful substances, including the β-carotene vegetable pigment, thanks to which the root crop has a rich orange color. This substance is also called provitamin A, because the body can synthesize the vitamin A itself, which is necessary for vital activity. β-carotene is famous for its strong antioxidant properties, and also has an immunostimulating effect, especially on a weakened body.

The table presents the detailed chemical composition of carrot juice, how much and what vitamins, macro and microelements it contains.

Table - The chemical composition of carrot juice

From the presented data it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion about the rich composition of carrot juice. Especially it should be noted the presence of a large number of alkaline elements, especially potassium. This mineral is actively involved in the functioning of the kidneys, relieves the body of edema.

Carrot root

Carrot juice does not belong to high-calorie dishes, its nutritional value is reflected in the table below.

Table - Nutritional value of carrot juice

Different sources contain different information about the calorie content of a carrot drink, it varies from 10 to 56 kcal / 100 gr. The table shows the maximum value of the energy value of the finished product.

Useful properties of carrot juice for girls

Attractive appearance for girls and women is an unattainable goal without healthy and shiny hair, radiant skin and strong even nails. Taking a carrot drink, you can nourish the body with nutrients, which will quickly affect the health of hair and nails.

Carrot juice contains such substances that actively influence the general hormonal background, these are enzymes that stimulate the production of female hormones. As a result, the work of the reproductive organs of the female body, including the ovaries, returns to normal and the chances of self-conception of the child increase.

Carrot juice during pregnancy

One of the unpleasant factors accompanying pregnancy is toxemia. This exhausting phenomenon can deprive the future mother of her last strength. Drink from carrots helps to significantly reduce the manifestations of this symptom, thanks to its natural antioxidant properties.

Regularly consuming this product, the acid-base balance in the body gradually returns to normal, digestion improves and intestinal motility increases. Purification from toxins and accumulated toxins accumulated in different parts of the body occurs naturally. The drink has a pleasant sedative effect, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Vitamin C improves mood and helps relieve depression. Multivitamin drink increases the elasticity of blood vessels and muscles.

About the benefits of carrot juice for ailments

Fresh carrot juice can often be used as an effective biological additive in various diseases. However, in order to avoid trouble, it is better to get approval from the attending physician before applying it.

Due to the presence of sugars in the product, the consumption of a drink for diabetics is strictly limited to 0.3 liters per day. During its use, the absorption of glucose into the blood slows down, with the result that its blood level gradually returns to normal.

Due to the presence in the juice of a large amount of vitamins and minerals, it has a tonic effect on the body, increases the resistance of immunity to various infectious and viral diseases. Drink contributes to the revitalization of the pancreas.

The healing effect of carrot juice on the body as a whole facilitates the course of such a chronic disease like diabetes, however, its use in this case is possible only after consulting a doctor.


Inflammation of the pancreas imposes significant restrictions on the use of carrot juice, especially in the acute stage. If the gland is in the inflamed state, it synthesizes insulin poorly, and fresh carrot contains sugars of natural origin, against the background of which there is the possibility of diabetes.

Only by reducing the symptoms of the disease, it is possible to introduce carrot juice in small amounts into the diet, but always in diluted form. In remission, you can drink fresh carrot, diluted with apple in a ratio of 1: 3. The drink should be thoroughly drained to separate the flesh. Enough to use the product 3 times a week, in the amount of half a glass, then the norm can be increased to a whole glass at a time.

The benefits of carrot juice for the liver

The liver is a very important hematopoietic organ, it acts as a powerful filter that collects and removes harmful substances from human blood. In the course of its activity, the body is subject to constant attacks of negative factors, including from the environment.

The antioxidant properties of carrot juice help the liver get rid of toxins and free radicals. Rich vitamin composition contributes to the restoration of liver cells, with the result that its functioning becomes more complete. Vitamin E relieves the liver of excess body fat. But even such a useful product should be consumed within reasonable limits that there was no excess carotene in the blood.

Carrot drink and gastritis

Gastritis is inherently an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The disease may be accompanied by increased or decreased acidity of the gastric juice, with different course of the disease there is a different approach to the use of fresh carrots.

Gastritis stomach

If the acidity is increased and aggravation of gastritis is observed, then fresh carrot juice, unfortunately, can only worsen the situation. Therefore, to use a small amount of the product should wait for remission. With a reduced acidity, fresh carrot stimulates the formation of an acidic secret, and soothes painful sensations, i.e., it helps alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Oncology and carrot drink

Fresh carrot nectar contains a lot of alkaline elements, and with regular use reduces the acidification of the body, which is typical for people suffering from cancer. As a result, acid-base balance is leveled, the amount of free radicals decreases.

Fresh, as an additional source of iron and vitamin A, does not allow the tumor to grow and helps damaged tissue cells to recover quickly. Especially effective in this type of disease is the use of carrot juice mixed with beetroot.

Fresh carrot for skin and suntan

Shining and smooth skin will ensure the regular inclusion of the product in the diet. Carotene contained in the drink is an excellent doctor against dry skin; vitamin A heals damaged areas.Fresh nourishes the body with moisture, contains substances that fight acne, evens the complexion in the presence of problems with pigmentation. Drinking a glass of juice before a walk to the beach will provide a smooth golden tan.

Fresh can be used as an external skin care product. So, by mixing in a 1: 1 ratio, juice and sunflower oil, you can get a great tanner. The finished product can be used as a base for the preparation of home cosmetics.

Carrot juice for intestines and stomach

In general, the beneficial effects of this product on the health of the gastrointestinal tract. It relieves the body of intestinal parasites, treats constipation. However, if there are already any deviations in the gastrointestinal tract, one should not take fresh fasting. Vitamin C and carotene can strongly irritate the gastric mucosa, which subsequently only worsen the existing problems. In order to avoid trouble in such cases, it is better to dilute whole juice with water, or take it after meals.

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