Burning feet - causes and treatment

The feeling of heaviness in the legs, fatigue, swelling are familiar to many: after a long day, forced inaction, under the influence of heat or drunk fluid, discomfort in the legs is not uncommon. But, at times, it seems as if the heels are burning with fire, although there is no question of any burns. Why do the feet burn, what does this mean and is this condition dangerous to health?

Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction on materials from which clothes or shoes are made. Synthetics, dyes, additives for processing shoes can provoke severe irritation of the skin of the legs, which is manifested, inter alia, by severe burning sensation.

Treatment in this scenario is to replace allergenic clothing or shoes, the use of local antihistamines.

Mycosis. Fungal infection of the skin of the feet is manifested by severe itching and burning on the feet, between the fingers. The skin in these places is rough, peeling, cracking.

If the foot of only the left foot or only the right burns, it is likely that we are talking about a fungal infection. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, you need to get rid of the fungus.

Self-medication does not always bring the desired results, it is necessary to take tests, establish the pathogen, and then get ready for a long fight.

Diseases of the vessels of the legs, pathological conditions - varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis prevent full blood supply (nutrition) of the limbs.

It is necessary to treat the cause, and not the symptom, a comprehensive examination and competent therapy is required, up to surgical intervention.

Flat feet

Skeleton deformation - flat feet, valgus feet, clubfoot lead to an increase in the load on the bones, muscles, ligaments, legs get very tired, the skin on the feet “burns”. Treatment is prescribed by a surgeon or orthopedist.

Diabetes - An increased level of glucose in the blood adversely affects the standing of small blood vessels. Burning with diabetes in the feet was called “diabetic foot” and has become one of the complications of this disease. For help, you need to contact an endocrinologist.

Obliterating Endarteritis - Infectious damage to the vessels of the legs, a symptom of which is burning and numbness of the feet.

In addition to burning, cramps appear in the calf muscles and ankle, leading to lameness. The patient feels heaviness in his legs, quickly gets tired. Insufficient blood supply leads to ulceration of the skin.

For treatment, drugs are needed that strengthen blood vessels and normalize blood circulation in the legs.

Gout - metabolic disease, in which the water-salt balance is disturbed. Salts of uric acid are not completely excreted from the body, accumulating in the form of crystals in cells and tissues. Hitting the legs, gout makes itself felt, starting with the big toes.

Feet burn with pain, hurt, joints become inflamed and swollen. Especially severe pain becomes at night. A sick leg needs rest, you can take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Clean water, fruit drinks, herbal teas will help to remove excess salts.

In the treatment of gout, a balanced diet without salt, seasonings, alcohol, fatty, sweet, spicy foods is of great importance.


During pregnancy women complain that their heels hurt and burn in the third trimester: a symptom indicates the development of a dangerous complication - gestosisthreatening the health and life of the mother and child. Blood pressure rises, protein appears in the blood, legs, arms, face, stomach swell strongly.

If you find similar signs, you should immediately contact a women's consultation with subsequent hospitalization. Early delivery helps save both, otherwise preeclampsia is fraught with preeclampsia, eclampsia and death.

Alternative treatment

What to do if feet are burning, traditional medicine knows:

  1. Useful contrasting baths with decoctions of herbs - chamomile, hawthorn, calendula, linden flowers. Well-proven calendula, wormwood. Decoctions should be done at the rate of 2 tbsp. per liter of boiling water. The cooled infusion is filtered and heated to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Give a good effect baths with sea salt.
  3. Soothe burning feet will help blue clay: it is diluted with water to a mushy state and applied in a thin layer. A plastic wrap is wrapped around the leg and a warm sock is put on. The duration of the procedure is 2 hours, after which the clay is washed off with warm water.
  4. Contrast procedures are good.: in the shower for 15-20 minutes alternately pour cool and warm streams of water on your feet.
  5. With infusions willow branches or hop cones useful compresses can also be made by soaking a cotton cloth in them and wrapping them in games and feet for half an hour.
  6. After water procedures will be useful grease the feet with menthol cooling cream. Apply the product in the direction from the fingers up.
  7. It helps with vascular causes of burning feet raising the lower limbs. Lay a few pillows at the foot of the bed in a stack and lay your feet on them.
  8. Improves circulation in the feet. Massage: Gently and then rub the foot intensively in the direction from the toes to the heel.
  9. A simple warm-up will help disperse the blood in the vessels. This method is especially convenient if the feet began to burn not at home, but at work or in another public place. Bend and unbend your toes, and twist your feet in a circle in different directions.
  10. To improve blood flow in folk medicine use hawthorn tinctures and horse chestnut flowers.

Using these methods, you can temporarily stop an unpleasant symptom. Together with the doctor you are contacting, you can find the reason why the feet are burning and solve the problem in a medical way.

And among the people there are signs that give their interpretation of burning in the feet. If the foot burns, it means that a long journey awaits a person. However, before you go into it, you should make sure that the health of the legs is in perfect order. Otherwise, the pleasure of the road is unlikely to be obtained.

Burning feet during pregnancy

Pregnant women complain Feeling hot in the feet usually found in the 3rd trimester of gestation. The cause of this discomfort during pregnancy is usually gestosis (late toxicosis). This disease provokes an increase in pressure and the occurrence of edema in muscle tissue. In addition, weight gain exerts a strong load on the lower limbs, and therefore the flow of blood to the feet is impaired.

What pathologies can cause a burning sensation in the feet?

Systematic feeling hot in the legs may indicate the presence of pathology in the body. Similar symptoms are characteristic of the following diseases:

  • obliterating endarteritis,
  • thrombophlebitis
  • allergy,
  • diabetes,
  • fungal diseases of the feet,
  • flat feet
  • peripheral neuropathy,
  • vascular atherosclerosis,
  • gout,
  • varicose veins
  • vegetovascular dystonia

Stress, nervous strain, staying in a hot room and other factors that negatively affect the vegetative system can also cause narrowing or expansion of the vessels of the legs and, as a result, cause an outflow or rush of blood.

What measures can be taken against burning in the feet?

  • If you experience discomfort in the feet, it is unacceptable to soar your feet and take hot baths. In this situation, a contrast shower and foot baths with alternating warm and cool water every 2 minutes are best suited. Baths can be prepared on herbal infusions of mint, chamomile, linden blossom, calendula and wormwood: two tablespoons of raw material are placed per liter of boiling water. The optimal duration of the procedures is 15 minutes; start and end the use of foot baths by immersing the limbs in cool water. After the skin of the feet has dried, you can lubricate the feet with a cream that contains mint.
  • Blue fire clay compresses remove the “fire” in the feet well. Coat the feet with liquid clay and wrap them with cling film or plastic bag. Hold the compress for two hours, then wash your feet with warm water.
  • Proper nutrition, excluding salty, fatty and spicy foods, sweet soda and alcohol, will help to eliminate burning sensation in the feet and prevent its subsequent occurrence.

Remember: all of the listed methods of getting rid of heat in the feet are aimed solely at relieving unpleasant symptoms, but not at treating the disease. Only a timely visit to the doctor will allow you to identify a possible pathology at an early stage, immediately begin treatment for the disease and thereby avoid the development of its complications.

The main reasons why the feet are burning

Feet burn for a variety of reasons. The most common of these are varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis.

  • It is the defeat of blood vessels that often becomes the culprit of the fact that at the end of the day the legs "buzz" and there is a burning sensation in the sole of the legs. Very many patients who have problems with veins complain of pain and swelling in the feet, vascular asterisks and a net of small vessels can form on the legs. During exertion, brisk walking, work, which requires a long stay on the feet, often uncomfortable burning feet.
  • Such a pathology as atherosclerosis is also characterized by problems with blood vessels, blood clots, burning feet, leg cramps that can start from the lower leg and rise higher to the buttocks.
  • Fungal affection of the lower extremities. The fungus of the feet most often finds its favorite place between the toes. Actively multiplying, the fungus gradually captures the entire foot. The skin begins to peel off, the feet itch and burn, in order to cure this pathology, you need to visit a dermatologist.
  • Diabetes mellitus can also cause a burning sensation in the feet. It is known that diabetes is a disease that has a very negative effect on blood vessels, especially on small capillaries. Small vessels that are in the lower extremities lose their elasticity and die. Such a process leads to the fact that blood flow decreases, legs hurt and burn.
  • Lack of B vitamins. The acute form of vitamin deficiency provokes cramps of the lower extremities and pain in the feet.
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes. Can such a problem occur? when the shoes are too tight, compresses the vessels and nerves. If you walk in such shoes all day, then burning, pain and swelling of the limbs are provided.
  • Pregnancy. In the last months of pregnancy, when the weight of the fetus increases, the load on the woman’s legs increases accordingly. Feet burn and worry especially after a long walk. Gynecologists recommend resting with legs up.
  • There is such a thing as a “game of blood vessels” - this is manifested by the expansion of blood vessels and the feeling that the feet are burning. An attack usually occurs at the end of the day.

Treatments for burning feet

What to do if the feet are burning? There are many methods and means of prevention that will help relieve burning sensation in the legs. Exercises, baths, decoctions will relieve discomfort. But to get rid of burning feet will help only high-quality and complete treatment of the underlying disease that led to this unpleasant problem.

  • Water treatments

Dousing, bathing, contrast shower - a very useful and effective tool for burning feet.

  • Cold and hot shower

The use of this method will help relieve fatigue, strengthens and tones up blood vessels. A contrast shower can be taken alternating between cold and warm water. For example, a minute you can keep your feet under cold water and a minute under warm. Shower time is fifteen minutes.

Contrast baths can be taken on the same principle. Type in one basin of cold water, in another warm water. In turn, lower your legs into cold or warm water. The duration of the procedure is ten minutes.

After taking the procedures, you need to dry your feet and lubricate the soles with a moisturizer.

  • Herbal baths

The use of therapeutic baths is a very good treatment for burning feet. Baths with chamomile, lime blossom, calendula are very effective remedies. In order to prepare the infusion for the bath, it is necessary to take 2-3 tablespoons of any medicinal herb and pour a liter of boiling water. Insist and pour into warm water no higher than 37 degrees. Baths will help relieve swelling, burning and fatigue in the legs.

Baths with sea salt are also a very effective method that beneficially affects the vessels of the lower extremities. Procedures with sea salt can be done for ten days.

  • Blue clay

Clay is a gift of nature and is simply a very good way to cure burning feet in just a few uses. In order for the procedure to bring maximum benefits, the clay should be diluted with warm water, applied to the limbs from the knee to the foot, wrap on top of the film and leave for several hours.

After such an application, the legs should be washed with clean, cool water.

Grind dry hawthorn fruit in a meat grinder. Take two tablespoons of the product and pour 300 ml of boiling water. The infusion that turned out must be filtered and drunk three times a day, one hundred milliliters.

When the chestnut blossoms, it is necessary to collect the flowers and dry. Pour two tablespoons of raw material into a thermos, pour half a liter of boiling water over the floor and insist. You need to drink the product in small portions throughout the day.

Alcohol grinding can be done daily, this is an excellent tool, due to which the symptoms of burning feet pass. The composition of the medicinal composition includes alcohol and olive oil. In a glass container, mix 100 ml of alcohol and two tablespoons of olive oil. Shake the mixture vigorously. Pour the solution into the palm of your hand and apply to the foot, rubbing intensively. Wrap with a film, leave for half an hour.

You can rub lemon juice into the burning feet. After an hour, you need to take a cool herbal bath and wipe your feet dry.

  • Creams and massage

Therapeutic cooling creams, which can be used from stagnation and edema in the extremities, must first be applied to the foot and moved to the knee with gentle massage movements. If the feet burn after walking, then this type of application of the cream quickly has a healing effect. Blood supply improves, pain and burning go away.

There are several types of massage that have beneficial effects on the feet.

- Normal hand massage helps to relax muscles, relieve fatigue, swelling, improves blood circulation. Feet stop burning. You can do self-massage or consult a specialist. Self-massage is done as follows: first you need to stretch the entire foot with massage movements, then work out each finger, massaging it and stretching it.

- Foot massage can be done using an applicator or a prickly rug, you can also just walk around buckwheat or peas. Such procedures improve the condition of blood vessels and relieve pain and tension in the limbs.

Prevention of burning feet

Prevention measures bring positive results if you constantly follow the advice.

  • Do not strain your legs. If a person’s work is associated with constant movement, then coming home it is important to give the feet an opportunity to rest. It’s enough to sit or lie down for a while taking off your shoes.
  • Shoes are another issue that can cause the feet to burn.You can’t buy tight shoes in the hope that they are carried. Constant movement in uncomfortable shoes or high heel shoes has a negative effect on blood vessels, swelling of the extremities occurs, as a result, at the end of the day, the legs hurt and hum.
  • Shoe care for fungus is also important. It is necessary to regularly ventilate and dry the shoes, from time to time to process the inside with anti-fungal agents.
  • Choosing shoes in the store, it is better to buy products from natural materials.
  • Walking barefoot is another good habit. You can walk at home without slippers and socks, or in the warm season, take a walk on the green grass. Legs should breathe.
  • A healthy diet is one of the important points on which healthy vessels depend. It is very important to drink the required amount of water and exclude sweet, sour, salty, smoked and spicy dishes from the diet.
  • Timely treatment of diseases that give a symptom of burning feet, such as diseases of the veins of the lower extremities, fungal diseases of the feet, diabetes mellitus and other pathologies will help to remove the problem.
  • Baths with essential oils, sea salt, medicinal herbs, a contrast shower are an excellent means of prevention and treatment.
  • Regular foot massage before bedtime using cooling creams will help relieve fatigue and relieve burning feet.
  • Personal hygiene is very important so that your feet do not sweat, you can use special powders that remove excessive sweating of the feet.
  • Do not overload the limbs with physical activity. Better light walks and swimming.

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