Raw food diet for weight loss: transition rules, recipes

A raw food diet allows you to quickly lose weight. In this case, the person will have to eat only raw vegetables and fruits. Up to 1 kg of excess weight can go away per day, so this diet is considered one of the most effective.

If earlier vegetarians were keen on vegetarians, now it is becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. At the same time, they are convinced that in this way it is possible not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to recover.

The essence of raw food diet comes down to the fact that a person completely refuses to eat foods that have undergone heat treatment. Proponents of this type of food adhere to the firm conviction that exposure to high-temperature foods contributes to the destruction of all the vitamins and trace elements in them.

There are 4 main areas of raw food:

Omnivorous syroedeniya, when in raw form they eat products of both animal and vegetable origin.

Vegetarian raw foods, when they eat only products of plant origin. You can also eat eggs and drink raw milk.

Vegan raw foods in this case, you can eat only products of plant origin.

Paleo raw foods, when you can eat raw meat, fish, fats, and vegetable products, by contrast, limit.

Eating foods that have not undergone heat treatment allows you to cleanse the body, charge it with energy and health. This helps to slow down the aging process.

Principles of raw food

The principles of raw food are the following:

A person eats less fatty foods, and also cuts off her calories. It is due to this that weight loss occurs. Products can not be subjected even gentle heat treatment: stew or steam.

It is allowed to eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, honey and nuts.

Permissible calorie content per day is 1200 kcal. You should not eat a lot of fruit, especially bananas, pears and grapes, as they have a high calorie content. Preference should be given to citrus.

For a long time it is impossible to adhere to raw food, as health problems are likely.

Before embarking on a syroedenie, you need to get medical advice.

How much you lose weight depends on the characteristics of your body. The final result is affected by strict observance of all the rules of raw food diet. If you do not break them, then on average you can lose 3-4 kg per week.

Allowed and prohibited products on syroedenii

Approved raw food products:

Fruits: apples, bananas, persimmon, plums, oranges, avocados, etc.

Dried fruits that have been dried in the air: apples, pears, dates, raisins, dried apricots, apricots, etc.

Berries: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, currants, etc.

Dried and frozen greens, as well as fresh, any salads.

Legumes, seeds, cereals: wheat, spelled, green buckwheat, chickpeas, lentils, mung beans, etc. Cereals are eaten in germinated form.

Raw nuts: hazelnuts, pine nuts and walnuts, etc.

Cokes, almonds, apricot kernels, etc.

Mushrooms in raw and dried form: oyster mushrooms, champignons and other mushrooms that grew in environmentally friendly conditions.

Seaweed: kelp, noria, wakame, etc.

Perga, honey, bee pollen and other bee products.

Cold pressed vegetable oils: olive, pumpkin, linseed, sesame, hemp, etc.

Dried herbs, vegetables and herbs in dried form, which are found in seasonings.

Sea salt and ordinary salt.

Products that are forbidden to eat raw foodists:

Any products that have been heat treated above 42 ° C.

Products of animal origin: fish, meat, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.

White rice, bread, cereals.

Genetically modified foods: vegetables, cereals, fruits.

Dried fruits that have been kiln-dried or sulfur-treated.

Vegetable oil, which has undergone a process of refining and deodorizing. Most often this is true for corn and sunflower oil.

Muesli and instant porridge.

Sugar and foods that contain sugar.

Black peppercorns and other seasonings, which were prepared by drying at high temperatures.

Stone salt.

Raw foodists should not only eat right, they should drink the "right" drinks, including:

The main source of liquid is the usual clean water, which is not boiled. It is not recommended to drink bottled water, as many mineral water is not very good.

You can drink juices based on fruits and vegetables. These drinks are good for health because they contain vitamins and minerals. However, it is necessary to use juices immediately after their preparation.

Herbal teas and cold infusions are no less beneficial for the body. However, this is not about bottled teas that are sold in stores. Raw foodists prepare their own teas. Some of them are designed to cleanse the body, while others can be drunk on an ongoing basis.

Permitted drinks include raw food compotes based on fruit, coconut water and other beverages prepared according to special recipes. Important not afraid to experiment.

Drinks that can not be syroedam drink:

Juices from plastic bags and juices prepared on an industrial scale.

Green and black tea, coffee, which is prepared at high temperatures.

Raw food menu

As a recommendation for the preparation of the menu, you need to rely on the following numbers:

Berries and fruits - 50% of the diet.

Raw vegetables - 35% of the diet.

10% - legumes and crops.

5% - dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy products (if allowed).

1% - vegetable oils, freshly squeezed juices.

Kiwi, banana, mandarin

Salad with onions, tomatoes and vegetable oil

Smoothies with greens and vegetables

Grated apple and raisins

Soup with vegetables, but raw, grated carrots

Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and dressing with vegetable oil

Fruit to choose

Steamed oatmeal, sliced ​​strawberries

Salad with tomatoes, germinated grains, bell pepper and olive oil based dressing

Squash and radishes in salad

Pumpkin and seeds

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

Cabbage salad with sesame seeds

Salad with vegetables and herbs

Dried bananas

Salad with tomatoes and arugula

Salad with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber and green peas

Fruit to choose

Salad with spinach, arugula and nuts

Chinese cabbage and avocado salad

Zucchini and Basil Soup

Cut one zucchini into pieces, chop a red onion (a tablespoon) and one celery stalk. You will also need 0.8 liters of water, a pinch of sea salt, half an avocado and a tablespoon of olive oil.

All components of the soup are mixed, decorated with basil leaves.

Nut cake

To make the bottom layer of cake, you need 100 g of walnuts and almonds, 100 g of dates, 2 pinches of sea salt.

It takes 100 grams of pecan, 10 grams of cashew, a glass of dates to make the top layer of the cake,? glasses of coconut oil and? glasses of drinking water.

As spices use a teaspoon of cinnamon,? a teaspoon of nutmeg, 2 pinches of sea salt.

You can decorate the cake with 1/3 of lemon, 20 pieces of pecans.

Cashews are washed, ground nuts in a blender with water. Pour lemon juice, dates and coconut oil into the mixture, let them pass to the blender again. It is important that the final mass is dense. Then pecans, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg are introduced into the blender, whipped and salted.

Dates finely chopped, chopped almonds and walnuts into a crumb, mix them with each other, salt. Spread the resulting mixture into the mold in an even layer. Then on the bottom layer spread the prepared mass and clean the cake in the freezer for three hours. Half an hour before serving the cake, you should rearrange it in the refrigerator.

Peach ice cream

For the preparation of ice cream will require the following products:

4 frozen bananas.

A tablespoon of honey.

Frozen bananas are removed from the freezer and kept at room temperature for several minutes, then kneaded with a fork. Peaches are passed through a blender, mixed with bananas and honey. Ice cream is eaten immediately after cooking.

Lentil porridge for raw foodists

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

Lentils - 1 cup.

Cucumber and carrot - 1 pc.

Garlic - 3 cloves.

Ginger grated, garlic finely chopped. Lentil soaked when it swells, mix it with grated carrots. The cucumber is cut into strips, added to porridge along with greens and dried seaweed.

Raw Food Stuffed cabbage

For their preparation will require the following products:

Walnuts - half a glass.

Flaxseed - glass.

Celery and parsley - 2 bunches.

Sea salt and coriander.

Olive oil - 2 tablespoons.

Cabbage - 10 sheets.

To prepare the filling for stuffed cabbage, you will need:

Corn germinated - 1 cup.

Sea dried grass.

1 avocado and 1 bell pepper.

Seeds are poured with water and left overnight, then they are crushed together with nuts, finely chopped greens. Add oil to the resulting mixture, salt and coriander powder. This sauce is smeared with cabbage leaves. All products that are needed for the filling, pass through a blender. Ready stuffing laid out on cabbage leaves, wrapped them and pressed. To prevent the leaves from opening, you can press them with wooden skewers. To make cabbage rolls sharper, they are smeared with olive oil and garlic passed through a press.

How to switch to a raw food diet?

To make the transition from habitual food to raw foods as easy as possible, it is best to begin this practice in summer or autumn. At this time, fresh and vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits are on sale. However, to lose weight, the menu should not include high-calorie foods, such as grapes or bananas. It is also not recommended to get too carried away nuts.

If you need to lose weight in the shortest possible time, then a raw food diet can be practiced immediately, without prior preparation.

Nevertheless, nutritionists recommend starting to move to a new menu smoothly:

Raw foods should first be replaced by 1/3 of their diet. At the same time refuse alcohol, coffee, black tea, sweets. It is important to remove from the menu all products that contain dyes, stabilizers and other chemical additives. This menu should be followed for 7 days.

The next 7 days will be aimed at removing all canned food and fried foods from the menu.

Then refuse fish and meat. They should be replaced by proteins of plant origin.

The next step is the rejection of milk and products based on it.

After a month of such a smooth preparation, you can fully switch to raw foods.

Pros and cons of losing weight on a raw food diet

Eating raw vegetables and fruits will allow you to maintain the same energy, despite the fact that their caloric content is not high.

In addition, a raw food diet has the following advantages:

Prevention of diseases: diabetes, oncology, diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc.

Increasing the body's defenses.

Reducing bad cholesterol.

Normalization of the heart.

In keeping with the raw food menu, a person supplies a sufficient amount of fiber to his body. This allows you to adjust the work of the digestive system, does not make up your appetite, as the feeling of fullness persists for a long time. In addition, the intestinal microflora improves, beneficial bacteria multiply in it.

The main disadvantage of raw food is that there is almost no protein in the menu. Raw foodists make up for its shortage by eating beans and peas. However, the protein contained in plants, it is impossible to block the needs of the body in this important trace element. Therefore, not only muscle mass can suffer, but also the liver.

Refusal from the usual menu can be accompanied by many uncomfortable sensations. Often in the early stages of syroedeny people suffer from headaches, nausea and other disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another disadvantage of the diet is the deficiency of vitamins B12 and D, which the body will experience. This can lead to problems with joints and bone.


Contraindications to raw food:

The period of gestation, the period of feeding.

Old age over 70 years.

It is also not recommended to practice raw foods in the presence of diseases of the digestive system, with a tendency to allergic reactions, with peptic ulcer, colitis and gastritis. Products that have not undergone a heat treatment process can provoke an exacerbation of pathological processes in the digestive system.

Opinion of scientists and doctors

Doctors do not support the idea of ​​syroedeniya. Studies have been conducted that have established that during the heat treatment, not all vitamins disappear, and sometimes products even become healthier if they are prepared. So, in tomatoes, which are exposed to high temperatures, the amount of lycopene increases by 3 times. If you fill tomatoes with olive oil, then this substance is absorbed even faster. Nuts also become much more healthy if you fry them.

Of course, not every vegetable gets maximum benefit after heat treatment. In some foods, vitamins are destroyed.

Also, scientists have found that eating raw foods can enrich the body with vitamins and minerals. However, this does not make raw food a panacea. On this occasion, many studies have been conducted, but none of them gave a positive result.

In addition, it was established experimentally that if for a long time a person eats only raw foods, the following changes occur in his body:

Cholesterol levels fall below normal.

Bone tissue becomes loose, loses density.

Vitamin B12 levels drop to critical levels.

Develop diseases of the digestive system.

A person often suffers from heartburn and develops carotenemia.

In addition, plant food will not allow to fill the body with a deficiency of vitamin D, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis, in which the bones become fragile.

There is a lot of fiber in the body, but it does not have enough enzymes to process it. As a result, a person begins to suffer from flatulence, diarrhea and constipation.

Feedback and results

Irina:“After 27 years, I began to realize that my figure was already far from ideal. Acne did not stop appearing, from which the skin looked ugly, hair began to fall out. Therefore, I decided to go to raw foods. Already after 6 months I forgot what acne is, those extra pounds are gone, my face has become pretty. I am very beautiful now - this is true. ”

Inna:“If you have liver problems and you cannot eat fat, then you should opt for syroedenie. For the third week I have been teaching myself to a new style of nutrition. The skin got better, and I also got rid of 3 kg of fat. I also started drinking vitamins, which I bought in a pharmacy. Previously, I didn’t even suspect that you can cook so many different dishes from raw foods. I really like this kind of food. ”

Elizabeth:“I have been adhering to raw food for the past 2 years and 4 months. During this time I managed to get rid of thyroiditis. Although the doctors insisted that my illness was incurable and I would have to take pills throughout my life. I lost acne, which tormented me from adolescence to 26 years (I am 28 now).And I forgot about what is cystitis, depression, dandruff, constant fatigue. You can list for a long time, just do not even remember ... Such advantages of raw food diet as: well-being, high spirits - they all overlap the shortcomings of this system.

The disadvantages include the lack of delicious vegetables and fruits in the menu in the cold season. You have to eat fatty foods so as not to lose weight. Also, you can not eat spices, which is very difficult. Perhaps this is the only drawback of raw food, but such a problem is relevant only for our cold region. "

Education: Diploma RSMU them. N. I. Pirogov, specialty "General Medicine" (2004). Residency at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in "Endocrinology" (2006).

Breakfast smoothies - smoothie recipes for all occasions

Raw foods as a way to lose weight

Raw foods for many has become an alternative nutritional scheme that allows you to lose weight naturally. By the word “natural” we mean not a return to the monkey state, but two specific components:

  1. Simplification of the diet and cooking method
  2. Reduced calorie food

Both goals are achieved by refusing heat treatment and certain types of products.

The mastery of man by fire at the dawn of its development led to the possibility of “cooking” food. This allowed to significantly increase its calorie content, as about 40% of the energy entering the body of raw food goes to its digestion. For food, thermally processed, this figure is about 10%. For an ancient person, the transition to cooked food was a significant evolutionary advantage, which allowed him to save up to 30% of products and make food more efficient.

Fig.1. The energy spent on the digestion of raw and thermally processed food

Modern man faces diametrically opposite tasks. The extra 30% that our body spends on the digestion of raw foods is, in and of itself, a significant factor leading to weight loss.

Raw foods, being at least vegetarianism, and in some cases - vegan, causes the second feature of the diet: the minimum amount of fat consumed. Finally, the raw food diet is made up of coarse fibers or fiber, which carries a minimum of calories, serving as a source of vitamins and performing a cleansing function.

Thus, losing weight on syroedenii has results, because satisfies three criteria for dietary nutrition:

  • Calorie reduction up to 1000-1500
  • Reduced fat intake
  • Fiber

What raw foodists eat to lose weight

The classic form of raw food eliminates heat treatment in principle, which entails a significant restriction of the diet. Within this framework, some people practice a radical way of eating exclusively greens and vegetables in the form of cocktails.

When talking about raw food diet as a diet for weight loss, they mean that at least ¾ of the food is consumed raw. Although this indicator is very arbitrary.

It will be sufficient to abandon the heat treatment of those products that can be consumed raw. At the same time, keeping in the diet a small amount of products that are inedible without cooking, for example: rice, lentils, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. Naturally meat and fish products are not included in this list. Frying is ruled out as a method of cooking harmful to health is proven.

Fig.2. Pyramid of raw food diet for weight loss

Where did raw foodists get protein

The question of the protein component of the raw food diet is one of the most problematic. Protein is a necessary building material for our body.

The minimum daily protein intake for a person who does not burden himself with physical work or exercise is 60 g.

The problem is that the diet of raw foodists is made up of foods that are devoid of protein. However, protein-rich foods typically require heat treatment.

Product nameApproximate protein content in 100 g
Lentils24-25 g
Peas20-23 g
Beans20-23 g
Nuts, seeds10-20 g
Skim cheese18 g
Germinated cereals7-12 g
Boiled chicken egg6 g in 1 egg (4 in protein, 2 in yolk)
Milk3 g per 100 ml.

How to switch to a raw food diet

Our digestive system is not used to the predominance of unprocessed food from coarse fibers. In order not to get indigestion, switch to a raw food diet should be gradual.

In general, the raw food and nutrition scheme implies vegetarianism, therefore at the first stage it is necessary to abandon meat and fish. In the diet can be left: dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs.

Starting to practice raw food diet, you will gradually move away from the heat treatment of food. No need to set a goal - to become a syroed. You should not leave a comfortable zone for yourself. Nutrition is an important component of our life, which determines our physical and psychological well-being. If something in raw food does not suit, then for some of its aspects, the time has not come yet. Stay on what you have achieved. Over time, you can always become a food eater or go back to the usual diet.

Oat breakfast

  • Handful of oatmeal
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 2 tsp flaxseed
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Milk

Flaxseeds soaked overnight. In the morning we cut the peeled banana and apple (do not forget to remove the middle), put in a blender and grind together with the seeds. Pour oat flakes with milk at room temperature or slightly higher (up to 40 degrees C) so that it covers the flakes, but not higher. After 5 minutes, add the mixture from the blender to the flakes, sprinkle with cinnamon, mix.

Apple Avocado Mousse

A simple and easy recipe - one of the popular in the raw food menu for weight loss. Would need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 2 medium sized apples
  • Fat-free yogurt without flavoring. Can be replaced with plain water

We clean the fruit, remove the core. Cut finely, pour with yogurt. Beat with a mixer.

Cabbage and Carrot Salad

This salad, due to the presence of a small amount of vegetable oil, is rich in vitamin E.

  • ¼ medium head of cabbage
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 avocado
  • ½ lemon juice
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp. any vegetable oil

Shred cabbage and rub carrots as for a normal salad. For refueling: clean the avocado, knead with a fork, add lemon juice and vegetable oil. To obtain the desired consistency, we can use a blender. Fill the mixture with grated cabbage and carrots, add grain mustard.

Seaweed Salad

This salad is a good source of vitamin C. Ingredients:

  • 100 g seaweed (unpreserved)
  • 50 g radish
  • 1 small bell pepper
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil

Finely chop the pepper and cucumber, three radishes on a medium grater. We wash and cut the algae so that it is convenient to eat them. We combine the components, add vegetable oil, mix. If you want, you can pepper a little.

Advantages of the method

Reviews about raw food diet for weight loss allow you to highlight the following positive aspects:

  1. Low calorie diet
  2. You can not worry about how much you eat
  3. High content of vitamins, not destroyed by temperature, and trace elements
  4. Coarse fibers help cleanse the digestive system and eliminate previously deposited slags.
  5. Save time on cooking

Is it possible to harm raw foodists

If you organize a raw food diet for weight loss correctly, then it is absolutely safe. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Meals should be balanced. There are no bananas and nuts.
  2. 60 grams of protein per day should be guaranteed to be consumed.
  3. Do not rely on "superfoods" and extracted protein powder. This is not a raw food diet, but a substitute for food.
  4. Lack of food products of animal origin can lead to iron deficiency in the body. Cottage cheese, light cheeses, boiled eggs - may be present on the menu. They are a reliable source of calcium.
  5. Since the products are not subjected to heat treatment, you should be more attentive to washing vegetables, fruits and other things.
  6. Do not force yourself. If you do not want to eat raw - cook, but do not fry.

Observing these rules, you can constantly adhere to a raw food diet. Ceasing to “cook”, a person frees up time for personal affairs.

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My personal weight loss experience

I just want to admit to you that I am the person who has never lost weight in my life, because from early childhood I have only heard from relatives that I am thin. And this is actually the case. No, of course, I lost weight and gained it many times, but I never did it purposefully.

But on the other hand, I know very well how all popular diets work, as I have been actively studying nutrition for several years - I dreamed of becoming a consultant on a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, I trained on my relatives - I helped, thanks to this knowledge (and quite successfully, by the way) lose weight to my mother and friends.

And I also tried the most, in my opinion, adequate nutrition systems, a side effect of which is losing weight, simply because the body stops slagging and begins to cleanse itself intensively.

By the way, after 30 years the metabolism slows down and, I think, if I still ate, that horrible, as in younger years, I would hardly be as slim as I am now. I try to eat only healthy food, and it helps me to preserve my natural data.

Today I will look at three such systems for weight loss in detail, talk about their pros and cons, share my own experience and, I hope, read your opinion about them in the comments later! 😉

The best diet for healthy weight loss

Although I would not call the methods of weight loss considered diets. In my opinion, a diet is what makes you temporarily abandon your usual diet, because you have a goal.

Mechanically, you fulfill the prescriptions, force yourself to eat this and that and not look in the direction of this, but this is a training, a real self-deception.

You persuade yourself: “Well, here I will reach 50/60/70 kg and that’s all, I will relax, I will reward myself royally with a cake!”. And, indeed, the diet ends, and after it comes Uncle Jora (that is, gluttony!).

Why did it happen? Because you did not have a deep understanding of the process. Nutritionists advised you to refuse sweet and fat, but they are unlikely to describe how it all lies in your intestines for years, clogs blood vessels, forms plaques, affects the heart, makes bones and teeth brittle ...

Whenever I started practicing any kind of food system, I studied the whole theory “from and to” - what happens in my body if I eat it like that? Why can not I leave my old diet with lard, margarine and mayonnaise? (brrr, it’s even scary to remember, but it was!).

Let me tell you what is being done there in your body.

Gluten and Casein Diet (BBBC Diet)

In fact, it is a therapeutic food, which is recommended for people with celiac disease, young autistic people, as well as those who do not digest dairy products (although, in fact, this applies to all but the calves themselves!).

Such a diet involves the rejection of milk and its derivatives, which contain casein - a protein whose molecular size is simply impossible for a person to digest! You can read more about the dangers of dairy products in my article on Calcium in Solar Mint.

BGBK diet - this is also the purification of the diet from grains containing protein gluten, and products from them - wheat, rye, oats, barley. It is also called gluten. Remember how our older relatives cooked a paste of high-grade wheat flour wallpaper? - That's about the same mucus is formed in your body from flour.

These substances - casein and gluten - are not able to be digested by our body. Besides the fact that they are deposited with slags in the digestive system, they also damage the intestines. People suffering from celiac disease do not have an enzyme capable of cleaving gluten, so the above-mentioned cereals simply damage the intestinal mucosa. Have you heard of bowel syndrome, which almost every small autistic person suffers from?

Healthy people are also not very good at digesting gluten, it just does not so sharply manifest externally.

You can minimize the harm from eating wheat, oats, barley and rye by buying whole grains and germinating them. And you can simply refuse to use these products, leaving the usual gluten-free rice, buckwheat, corn, spelled in the diet and adding to it exotic - amaranth and quinoa.

Actually, on such a diet, I "sat", on the advice of a homeopath, for 8 months, never deviating from the rules. My goal was clear skin, and at that time it looked like it had never been in my life before.

In addition, I lost 7 kilograms without any efforts, I just stopped eating shop rolls, pasta, a number of cereals and dairy. I did not forbid baking myself, but made gluten-free cookies, the recipe of which will most certainly be on Solar Mint in the appropriate section.

As a result, my digestion improved quite quickly, although before that there had been gastritis and disturbances of all possible metabolic processes.

In that my diet, despite the obvious pluses, there were also disadvantages. At that time I was still eating meat, although lean from a steamer, a little, but still. The fish was also cooked in the same way.

My energy, of course, increased after giving up gluten and casein, but it was still not enough. I always wanted to sleep, although the work was office with a free schedule, and there were no children with my husband yet, I was not particularly tired.

BGBK diet does not exclude animal squirrels, and this is its biggest minus, and each supposedly healthy diet for weight loss, the menu of which includes meat, fish and eggs, cannot be healthy by definition.

That is, if you exclude these cereals and dairy products, the body actively begins to be cleaned, but all the same, not completely, since its main oxidizers from the diet have not gone away - meat, seafood, eggs.

It turns out that a diet without gluten and casein is only the appearance of a healthy diet for weight loss. But there is also a healthier diet for weight loss, about which I will also tell you everything now.


Yes, vegetarianism makes it possible to lose weight, but it can be different. I know such comrades who refuse meat, fish and eggs, but they are happy to eat fried potatoes, margarine buns, store breadcrumbs, yeast bread, drink soda. What kind of harmony? And where will health come from?

Of course, meat is a heavy product. Try to abandon the steak at lunch and eat, for example, buckwheat with a salad. It is unlikely that after these dishes you will be dragged sharply into a dream (well, unless, of course, the portion is not draconian!). In an article about what a raw food diet is, I already wrote a little about how animal products harm us. And precisely for this reason, more and more people refuse to use them.

In my life, vegetarianism was very revealing. We were four friends, as usual, ate meat and other hazards, smoked, drank (ay-ay-ay!), And then all the girls went to different cities, and I stayed in our hometown. Everyone simultaneously started the process of self-knowledge and self-development, and independently from each other.

All together we managed to get together only after a couple of years (husbands, children, work), and at the meeting it turned out that we all became vegetarian at about the same time! Why am I doing this?

And the fact that any person who cares about his health and the quality of his life, sooner or later comes to this style of food.

If you decide to use vegetarianism to lose weight, congratulations, a great healthy idea came to you! That's just need to properly balance your diet - not just get rid of overt hazards, but also to maximize the proportion of healthy foods in the diet.

Then you will have more energy, you will become kinder, calmer internally, the skin will definitely become cleaner, slimmer figure, and the mind clearer.

Vegetarianism has its drawbacks, which I have already mentioned above. If you don’t take care of your diet, then a healthy diet for weight loss (and that’s exactly how those who are “not in the know” perceive vegetarianism) do not shine for you.

By the way, if you combine vegetarianism and BGBK diet, you get an excellent nutrition system that will help you maintain weight in the normal state. Only I would add to them more and separate meals, thanks to which, by the way, I was able to easily give up the thermally processed food.

Separate food

I was not going to switch to separate meals, but “by chance” I came across a book about this system. I don’t know why, I started reading it. It was very colorfully described how food rots in our intestines if we do not follow these principles.

I was terrified, imbued and ... began to practice! Indeed, carbohydrate food is not combined with protein, this is a fact. After such a gastronomic set, she is always drawn to lie down, sleep, dull, but not to engage in creative, intellectual, constructive work, which means that we lose precious hours of our lives and waste our energy in vain. Even traditionalist nutritionists for the most part, for their weight loss, recommend their customers to eat a chop not with potatoes, but with a salad.

Separate nutrition, in principle, there is nothing supernatural. I cooked pea soup and did not add potatoes there, because it is not friendly with the beans, but only carrots and onions. It turned out satisfying, but not heavy.

I also ate fruits separately and did not combine them with vegetables, for example, I stopped making an apple and celery salad. Dairy products are also not particularly compatible with anything, and as we found out, they are not digested at all.

The more I was on a separate diet, the less I wanted something harmful - sweets, flour, some store salads.

I stopped stuffing my body with heavy combinations of products and lost a little in weight, which indicated that I was on the right track.

Separate food is a good system, but it also has its disadvantages. This, of course, is a theory that needs to be remembered, but it takes time. Yes, honestly speaking, it is enough to take into account all the nuances of such a diet every day. In addition to the basic combinations, there are also additional ones - products that cannot be eaten together at all, or you can, but carefully.

I remember that I drew this huge table of products for myself, hung it on the refrigerator and, before taking something in my mouth or cooking it, asked her if it was possible? Fortunately, I was on maternity leave with one calm child and entertained myself as best I could. And if full-time and two or three children? What is the food here?

In addition, even full compliance with all its rules does not guarantee you eternal slimness. Yes, you, of course, lose weight on such a menu, but your body will not be the way nature intended it. After all, you will continue to slag it with thermally processed food. Just now carefully sorted by you. 🙂

Raw foods for weight loss

All the systems that I wrote about in this article and which I actively practiced myself led me to only one thing - raw food.

My diet was already vegetarian, in fact, even vegan, so the next step towards a healthy diet could only be raw foods. And it happened in a natural way, without violence against oneself, without torment and, importantly, without subsequent disruptions.

Raw foods, and only it, will give you a lifelong guarantee of slimness and a lot of obvious advantages, which I described in a separate article. If it is deliberate, carefully thought out, balanced, then you will forget about those extra pounds.

With my thinness, of course, I was worried that I would be just bony on raw foods. So it was at first, when the body was cleansed. The body was able to switch to live nutrition for several months and, switching to it in the spring, by winter I already had an excellent figure without protruding bones and, which is very nice for any woman, without tummy and cellulite - exactly the kind that I always wanted!

In addition, in a syroedenie you do not have to calculate the time of eating, tamp calories, suffer without cakes.

Over time, the taste buds will be cleansed, the body will adapt to the living diet, and the feeling of hunger will not bother you as often as before. And the old addictions to the “masterpieces” of artificial cooking will simply disappear! Even having bitten off a slice of your once favorite cake, you with genuine surprise will find out what it actually is nasty. 😀

So, if your dream is harmony without diets and self-flagellation, then raw food is the only way to it. You can easily make a healthy diet menu for weight loss for a week, focusing on the article about the diet of the food-eater. Just do it when you are mentally prepared or for the sake of experiment, and enjoy the results.

Have you dealt with those power systems that I wrote about? What is your experience from meeting them?

Varieties of syroedeniya

The essence of this food system is to make a menu only of products that have not undergone any processing, are used in their natural form. This is the main difference from other diets, where food is allowed from the store (canned, prepared foods, etc.), boiled or baked. Raw foods were born in the 19th century, but became popular in recent years.

There are several types of this power system:

  • Vegetarianism. Only meat, poultry, fish, and seafood are excluded from the diet.
  • Fruitorianism. The menu consists of nuts, berries, fruits. For Russia, the method is not suitable, because it is not seasonal products. Their quality in stores in the winter is very controversial, and the price is high.
  • Mono nutrition. Products do not combine with each other, each type is a separate meal.
  • Carnivorous food. In the diet there is meat and fish.

This is not an abbreviated name of vegetarianism, but a more rigid form of raw food. Food of animal origin, including eggs, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, is completely removed from the diet. Only vegetable products remain, so veganism is not for everyone.

Food processing is prohibited even at low temperatures. Because of the poor diet, the body does not receive amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

The transition to such a system should be discussed with a doctor.

Animal food

Raw foods allow the use of meat, fish, seafood, eggs. It is important that this food undergoes minimal processing or gets raw on the table. The last option is not safe for health, even if you yourself raised a chicken or a cow or did it on a farm. Most often supplement plant foods:

  • eggs
  • fermented dairy products
  • dried fish, meat,
  • chicken liver.

Health benefits and harm

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are necessary for the functioning of internal organs and systems. During heat treatment, many nutrients are destroyed, and from the raw product enters the body completely. A person is less likely to suffer from avitaminosis, his immunity is strengthened. Other advantages of raw food:

  • Stimulates the purification of blood from "bad" cholesterol.
  • It protects against cancer - there are a lot of antioxidants in fresh plant food and there are no carcinogens.
  • Improves the liver, digestive tract, heart.
  • Cleanses the skin, increases the overall tone of the body.
  • Protects against diabetes. Plant food slightly changes the level of sugar in the blood, does not create its jumps. This disease cannot be cured only by a raw food diet.
  • Stimulates metabolic processes, launches intestinal cleansing.

Raw food diet also has:

  • Calorie deficiency. The diet is “hungry” because the basis of the menu is vegetables and fruits.
  • Lack of calcium, vitamin D, protein, because the diet is low in meat and dairy products.
  • Monotonous menu. The list of allowed products and what can be done with them is small. Not all of them are available in stores and markets. Many people get tired of eating the same thing, so there is a breakdown during raw food eating.

Power Rules

The main requirement for the menu for raw food eating is to remove products that have undergone any processing. Other important rules:

  • If you need to heat treat foods (meat, fish), they are cooked over low heat, steamed, boiled at a temperature not higher than 40-48 degrees.
  • All dishes are cooked (purified vegetable food, mixed ingredients) before meals, the remnants are not stored.
  • Products with syroedenie before use is brought to room temperature.
  • Beans and cereals are washed and soaked in cold water in the evening: they will be ready in the morning.
  • Dried fruits are cooked on their own: storehouses have already been processed by chemicals.
  • Water is not boiled: drink raw, filtered or mineral.

Permitted Products

The basis of the diet for raw food diet are:

  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds.
  • Germinated beans, greens, sea kale.
  • Groats soaked in water.
  • Fruits, berries, dried meat.
  • Nut milk: almond, cedar.
  • Coconut oil, olive cold pressed, raw walnut.
  • Fermented foods: sour cabbage, kimchi.
  • Raw eggs, unpasteurized milk - on request.

Forbidden food

When raw food is removed from the menu:

  • Refined oils, sugar, flour of the highest grade.
  • Alcohol, coffee, tea, packaged juices, fermented milk drinks, milk.
  • Chips, fast food, roasted nuts and seeds.
  • Pasta, white rice, table salt.
  • Confectionery, pastries.
  • Heat-treated foods, including fruits and vegetables.

How to become a raw foodist

Habitual diet change in six months or longer. The process will be milder if you follow these tips:

  • Take a raw food diet as a way of life. If you take it as a diet (enforced restriction), it will be stressful for the body, and you will have a breakdown.
  • Make the transition to raw foods a gradual one: first replace with raw food 25% of the cooked food, then 30%, slowly reach 75%.
  • Make 1 meal completely of raw foods, and add un-processed food to the rest in small portions. After 2-3 weeks, change the menu again, make already 2 "raw" meals.
  • Already in the first week refuse meat, after 14 days - from fish. In the second month, remove the eggs and dairy products.
  • Eat less than you are used to in order to facilitate the process of digesting new foods. Train yourself to eat when there is hunger.
  • Replace the “bad” fats with the “good” ones: remove the rapeseed and soybean oils, trans fats from the diet. Enter the menu of cold-pressed olive oil (marked extra virgin), coconut, avocado, seeds, nuts.

Menu for the week

Proper raw foods is just a type of food. The volumes of servings, the number of calories and the number of meals are not limited. Menus are made according to your own tastes and preferences. The only caveat: fruit is better to eat before dinner, because in the evening they are digested worse. The exception is citrus.


  • Breakfast. Green smoothie.
  • Dinner. Squash noodles with pesto sauce.
  • Dinner. Cabbage salad with avocado.


  • Breakfast. Chia seed pudding.
  • Dinner. Salad of apples, carrots, hazelnuts.
  • Dinner. Squash noodles with tomato sauce and basil.


  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with nuts and fruit.
  • Dinner. Broccoli, hummus.
  • Dinner. Slices of dried yam, greens.


  • Breakfast. Fresh orange, nuts.
  • Dinner. Rice with carrots, peppers and olive oil.
  • Dinner. Sweet potato salad with beans.


  • Breakfast. Banana and orange smoothies.
  • Dinner. Tomato soup.
  • Dinner. Grapefruit with berries.


  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with nuts, strawberries and apples.
  • Dinner. Avocado salad with fruits.
  • Dinner. Sushi without fish, sliced ​​vegetables.


  • Breakfast. Fruit smoothie.
  • Dinner. Cabbage and mushroom salad.
  • Dinner. Citruses, nuts.

Recipes for every day

Simple breakfast ideas for a raw food diet:

  • Strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, kiwi, banana smoothies on almond milk with added protein. Chia seeds and cocoa beans make the dish satiety. Proportions of components choose to your taste.
  • Sweet bars from chopped dates, cocoa butter and almond, dried cherries, any nuts, chia seeds, cocoa powder. Products are combined in such proportions as to obtain a dense, dense mass. It is stretched over the parchment in an even layer, cooled for 2-3 hours, and then cut into strips.

Lunch or dinner options:

  • Zucchini noodles are made with a knife for vegetables, which is cut into long thin ribbons. Served with a sauce of pumpkin seeds, basil leaves and garlic cloves. These components are ground in a blender, and mixed with water for a more liquid consistency.
  • Mashed cauliflower, green peas, pine nuts with a mixture of your favorite spices. All products are ground in a food processor at high speed.
  • Salad of avocado, Brussels sprouts, celery, sweet potato, apple, red onion. The components are crushed, mixed, seasoned with orange juice, olive oil, mustard.

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

The main component of this cocktail is vegetable protein in powder form, which is diluted according to the instructions on the package. Take exactly 1 serving, because from the number of ingredients specified in the recipe, you get a smoothie for 1 person. Almond milk is better to do yourself: chop the peeled nuts in a blender with cold water (1: 3), strain through cheesecloth.

General provisions of raw food diet

There are many schemes of raw food diet and there are serious differences between them. Differences are made by their creators, especially the geographical conditions in the place of residence of people practicing diet, taste preferences of the adherents of the scheme. There are systems offering to eat only fruit. Some schemes allow the use of unleavened bread made from whole or germinated grain. There are schemes that offer, in addition to fruits and vegetables, also nuts and whole germinated grain.

Those who have not previously practiced raw foods need to choose the scheme with the widest ration so that the transition does not become too strong a shock for the organism. It must be remembered that it will be necessary to change not only the diet, but also some habits that seemed to be an unshakable foundation. For example, start eating fruit not as a dessert, but as an appetizer for the main course. So from them you can get more nutrients. In addition, you need to be prepared for other changes in nutrition and well-being.

At first, on a new diet, you may notice a deterioration in health. Adherents of a raw food diet say that diarrhea, pain in the gastrointestinal tract and rashes are normal and you don’t need to see a doctor, as your health should normalize over time. But common sense suggests that a sharp transition to coarse plant foods can lead to an exacerbation of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and a rash can indicate an allergy to any of the food products, so you should not refuse medical care.

Cooking need to add any vegetable oils - olive, flaxseed, corn, sunflower or grape. Food should not be cold, at about room temperature, as heating it inside the gastrointestinal tract requires an extra expenditure of energy. All dishes must be consumed immediately, since then the beneficial substances from them disappear. Chew food needs to be very carefully, much more carefully than the heat-treated. It is necessary to eat at appetite.

Pros of raw food diet

There are a lot of advantages in raw food. The first thing that attracts so many followers is the ability to reduce and restrain weight, not greatly reducing the volume of servings. In addition, supporters of this food system are less likely to have problems with the cardiovascular system, cancer and diseases associated with the deposition of cholesterol.

Rough fiber, which is the basis of the food for raw foodists, perfectly saturates, so the feeling of hunger is rare. A person can eat when he wants and in any comfortable volumes, but at the same time his weight does not increase, and there are no problems with overeating. With hypertension, especially associated with the presence of excess weight, raw foods can be a real panacea. According to researchers, almost 80 percent of raw foodists in just a year notice normalization of blood pressure and heart rate.

Syroedam not familiar with such problems as hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal lethargy. If you eat a properly selected complex of vegetables and fruits, then the overall energy level grows, and your well-being improves. The condition of patients with urolithiasis, neurosis, and articular diseases is significantly improved.

Cons raw food diet

Synea in syroedenie also a lot. The first minus is the lack of balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. We all know from childhood that these three main components, as well as vitamins, minerals, etc., should be obtained from food. But getting the right amount of protein from plants is very difficult. As soon as you switch to a raw food diet, muscle mass will begin to melt, and it will become much harder to work physically.

The second negative point is the high probability of an exacerbation or development of allergies. If you already had an allergy, start entering a raw food diet very carefully and keep the necessary medications with you. Even if you have never had an allergy, caution must be exercised, as some substances contained in raw legumes and wheat can cause an allergic reaction. The same substances can cause exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, if you already know gastritis and pancreatitis, think about whether it is so important for you to switch to a raw food diet, it can be very dangerous.

The third negative point is psychological. You must admit that a person who is accustomed to eating tasty, wholesome, and, perhaps, even in abundance, switch to raw plants will not be easy. Most likely, in 2-3 days there will be a nervous breakdown with the massive eating of “normal” food. And such temporary overeating can cause serious damage to health. Therefore, it is necessary to start practicing raw food diet very carefully and gradually, from fasting days, five days and light dinners.

Proper entry into a raw food diet (Video: “Switching to a raw food diet”)

To raw food diet brought only positive, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Starting to eat in a new way is also necessary. To begin with, it is important to make sure that a raw food diet is not contraindicated for you. To do this, you can pass a medical examination.

It is very important to make a general and biochemical blood test. It should include a panel of protein metabolism, show the total amount of protein, as well as globulins, albumin, the amount of uric acid, urea and creatinine. It is also necessary to determine the level of vitamins of group B. After a month or two of complete raw food, all analyzes must be repeated. If deterioration is noticeable, then the diet needs to be adjusted.

If all indicators are normal and it is possible to switch to raw foods, then this should be done very gradually. In the first week, it is necessary to abandon products manufactured industrially. In the second week, you can refuse red meat, and in the third from white. In the fourth week, we exclude eggs from the diet, and on the fifth - fish. At the sixth week, dairy products can be excluded from the diet. And in the last, seventh week we exclude porridge from the diet. After that, only boiled vegetables remain on the menu of products that have undergone heat treatment, but they must be gradually eliminated, switching to raw vegetables and fruits.

In order not to harm your body, it is necessary to control the amount of nuts and seeds consumed. More than 200 grams of these products can overload the pancreas, and less than 50 will not give enough protein. Also, be careful when using sorrel, rhubarb and spinach. They are rich in oxalic acid, which leads to the formation of kidney stones. And the rest of the greens can be eaten without restrictions.

Watch the video: How to Start a Raw Food Diet! (January 2020).