Human pregnancy

Being a pair of lovers and being parents are two different things. It would seem that both of you - all the same, with the same habits, favorite traits of character. But how to understand if you are ready to change your marital status. Start with a rehearsal. Try to break out more often to visit friends and relatives who have small children.

You have to understand whether the troubles associated with the little man will be pleasant to you. Oh, you need to be prepared for the ordeal. Especially during the first year. Diapers, vests, sleepless nights, and a complete mess in his personal life.

Are you ready for the fact that at some point your life ceases to belong to you. And life, and you yourself will now belong to a small convolution. For every smile of which, as for the main prize, will the whole family subsequently fight? Well, how experimented? Are you determined? Then we go further.

First week of pregnancy signs and sensations

Of course, you think you're pregnant almost immediately from the moment of conception. But it is not so. Before the egg cell passes through the tubes and attaches to the wall of the uterus, you are not yet pregnant. But changes in your body began to occur almost immediately. Immunity will decrease slightly, you will feel tired and it seems as if you are starting to take measures a little differently. Deeper or something. And you become thoughtful.

But all this will be later. First, you will feel, as usual before menstruation, pulling sensations in the lower back, aching pain in the abdomen. But then everything returns to normal, and you will feel better.

Although you dreamed about having a baby for a long time, and even began to make sure that you do not take pills once again, choose something useful for lunch instead of the usual fast food. You spent so much time together that he or she appeared.

What you need to know in the first weeks of pregnancy

Now it is especially important to double monitor your health and think over a diet rich in folic acid. It is important. You read that at this time the placenta is being formed - a room for the future baby. And his neural tube. Now you will feel like two communicating vessels the slightest movement of each other, the slightest change in the emotional state. It looks like magic. In the meantime, you need to prepare yourself to make the baby comfortable. Something like repairing your own body.

Changes in the body of a woman in the first week

With the moment when pregnancy finally comes, we figured it out. The ovum was fertilized and with dignity went to be fixed to the wall of the uterus. All this happens under the strict control of the pituitary gland and another section of the brain - the hypothalamus. Proper hormonal metabolism is largely dependent on their work.

Now think about proper nutrition.

How to eat a woman in the first weeks of pregnancy

Now you need to eat like in a sanatorium: a lot of vegetables, vitamins, all sorts of minerals and trace elements. Salads, juices, fruits. Listen carefully to yourself: during pregnancy you may want to do something. Believe me, the body itself knows what you need and asks for it. Fat tasty fish - please, carbohydrates - well, meat - but, if possible, lean. Any whim ...

Of course, you have already visited the antenatal clinic. Do not neglect the advice of your gynecologist. He will tell you which vitamins you need most at what time. The need of pregnant women for vitamins increases several times, so watch this. You know that many women face the problem of low hemoglobin. And in order for iron to digest well, you will need folic acid. In fact, it is recommended to take both spouses for several months before conception. But if you have not done so, start taking folic acid now. It certainly will not be superfluous.

Signs of pregnancy

Family planning (eng. family planning) - one of the main ways to solve the global demographic problem of stabilizing the population of the earth. The most commonly used methods allow the couple to have sexual intercourse on a regular basis, obtaining satisfaction, while reliably reducing the likelihood of an unwanted pregnancy in a woman, at least until the couple decides that it should occur. In this regard, family planning includes methods that either prevent fertilization, or act after fertilization, interfering with embryo implantation.

Currently, there is an effective opportunity for pregnancy planning. One of the most effective natural family planning methods is the symptothermal method, but it is inferior to hormonal contraception in effectiveness and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases like a condom.

When planning a pregnancy, it is important to determine the day of ovulation. After all, the thing is that the egg cell (unfertilized) dies a day after ovulation, therefore the fertile period in the menstrual cycle occurs 2-3 days before ovulation (spermatozoa are active up to 3 days) and ends one to two days after the onset of ovulation. And the days most favorable for conception are the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation.

So, a surge in the level of luteinizing hormone means the beginning of the most successful time for conception.

Signs of pregnancy 33rd week of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, movement

Now the child is forced to take the "germ shape." His head is slightly tilted to the breast, the arms and legs are pressed to the body. Now he has become more, and the place to freely stretch out in his "house" is no longer enough.
Now he takes the position of the head to the entrance to the pelvis, buttocks up. This is a normal situation for a child at this time. But the breech presentation, when the head of the baby is felt in the upper part of her mother's stomach with all the complexity of the situation, is not a tragedy. Modern medicine allows you to safely deal with this problem.

In some cases, the fetus is located transversely. And in this case, the only way to save the life of the mother and child is a cesarean section.
Although ideally the child should not be born yet, childbirth at this time is permissible. And the baby has every chance to survive. However, as in other similar cases, premature babies require special care, perhaps, and the content in the box until it gets stronger.

In babies born at week 33, the cartilage is already denser, the nail plate is almost developed. And even the heart is able to cope with the blood flow. Alveoli in the lungs are already formed, and in principle the amount of surfactant - a substance that does not allow alveoli to stick together during the first breath - also accumulated in sufficient quantities. The body length of the baby is almost 44 cm. The volumes of the breast and tummy are 85 and 87.4 mm, the diameter of the head is 82 mm. It would seem nice.
Nevertheless, it is believed that the birth of a child at the 33rd week is fraught with complications.

33rd week of pregnancy: feelings of a woman

The list of all kinds of sensations - alarming, pleasant and unpleasant - is very wide. First, you are increasingly thinking about the upcoming birth. Are you tired of pregnancy and at the same time ready to postpone the final chord. Just because waiting and uncertainty scare you.
Secondly, you continue to worry about problems with the intestines - constipation, often heartburn, nagging pains in the spine and in the abdominal region are tiring and alarming. At night, though less often, there are convulsions or numb limbs. To cope with this problem, you are actively taking calcium.

Sometimes in places of stretch marks on the abdomen there is itching. But you have adapted to facilitate his massage with a hard towel, a washcloth made of luffa. Use creams. Before you go out or to the store feel free to wear a bandage. Although the doctor advises to wear it at home.

Because of the big tummy, which seems to be already reaching the ribs, there is a feeling of lack of oxygen - shortness of breath. But you have adapted to this state and with the help of simple exercises - straighten your chest, then lift your shoulders up - you get the missing oxygen into the lungs.
The bottom of the uterus drops a little only after a month, at best, after three weeks. We'll have to suffer.

Even if you have not noticed strong edema before, they can now appear. After going to the store, you notice the traces of Kant from your boats, traces of gum from the T-shirt on the body. This does not mean that you need to stop drinking water. This in no case can not be done. But a little salt reduction can be helpful.
Find the time to perform unpretentious complex for pregnant women. It could be yoga, shiatsu or something else. The main thing - correctly chosen exercises will help you prepare for childbirth. Moreover, the birth of a child is connected not only with psychological stress, but also with physical stress. Your muscles and ligaments will enjoy the feeling that light stretching exercises give.

33rd week of pregnancy: discharge from the genital tract

Try to look after yourself with special care and avoid any infections. For you and your baby, they would be out of place now. However, if you notice a purulent or abundant discharge, it is better to immediately consult with your doctor and get an emergency checkup. The birth canal should be clean. And if you get an infection shortly before giving birth, the time to recover from them may simply not be enough. Any germs can harm a baby even in the womb.

Bleeding, loss of amniotic fluid, pain in the abdomen - all these symptoms indicate the threat of premature birth or health problems of the child. Therefore, call an ambulance. Do not worry if such anxiety turns out to be false. Better to be safe.

33rd week of pregnancy: eating pregnant

Do not you know what discomfort brings heartburn. And now the slightest deviation from the regime - can cause heartburn. Naturally, it is most often caused by fried, smoked or overly spicy dishes. Even if you allowed yourself only something from the forbidden list, heartburn can remind you of yourself. To get rid of heartburn, they say you need to drink milk or drink calcium (even the simplest calcium gluconate will do). As an option - drink a little heated alkaline mineral water.

Naturally, special drugs are sold in the pharmacy. But still, when choosing a medicine for heartburn, you should consult with your doctor. Among the general recommendations - there are more often and small portions, try not to eat at night, at dinner choose sparing foods - fresh or steamed. And after lunch or dinner it is better to walk a little.

Now consider the kid wants endlessly. If the doctor once again checks the condition of organs and systems, then it is more interesting for you to examine your infant. They say that by this time the child already has dreams. Researches which were conducted by scientists measured movements of pupils during a dream. You are considering his face, trying to guess which of you he will look like. The question of who to expect - a boy or a girl - has long been resolved. The doctor answered this question unequivocally two weeks ago.
The placenta still performs the functions assigned to it: it protects the baby from the aggressive environment and carries nutrients along with the blood.

Detailed video 33 week of pregnancy

Second week of pregnancy

Your body is ready to bear the baby. There are changes in the ovaries: the dominant follicle has already formed, and it is during this period that ovulation occurs — the exit from the follicle of the egg that is ready for fertilization. You may feel soreness in the lower abdomen, slight indisposition. It is the period of ovulation that is most favorable for fertilization. Read more.

Third week of pregnancy

3 week of pregnancy is a period when two cells - the egg cell and the sperm cell - give rise to a new life. Fertilization has just happened, but absolutely all unique features of your baby have already been laid: facial features, hair and eye color, even his character. The fertilized egg begins to divide, forming a blastocyst. You still can not know for sure whether a pregnancy has come, but a baby is already beginning to develop inside you! Read more.

Fourth week of pregnancy

At the 4th week of pregnancy, the most important process is the implantation. The blastocyst is fixed in the endometrium, the villi begin to form, with the help of which the embryo will receive nutrients through the placenta. The process of cell division and embryo formation continues. Already, you may feel subjective signs of pregnancy - nausea, dizziness, increased drowsiness, and sometimes - abdominal pain. Read more.

Fifth week of pregnancy

5 week of pregnancy - a period when you can already know that you are pregnant! During this period, your period would usually begin, and a delay may indicate the development of pregnancy. In the body, the level of hCG has already increased, and if you do a pregnancy test, you will see the cherished two strips. At this time, germinal sheets were formed, the laying of the most important organs and systems begins. Read more.

Sixth week of pregnancy

At the 6th week of pregnancy, the embryo has already determined the head, the formation of arms and legs begins. The intestinal tube is laid, the formation of the excretory system, endocrine glands begins. The neural tube is developing, and the heart already has four chambers. Ultrasound can already clearly trace the heartbeat. In a woman's body, hormonal alteration occurs, signs of toxicosis may appear. Read more.

Seventh week of pregnancy

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is already the size of a pea! Fingers begin to form on its arms and legs, and bookmarks of eyes, nose and mouth are visible on the face. Sex glands are formed, the nervous system develops, the digestive tract is transformed, the development of the respiratory system begins. The musculoskeletal system is laid (while in the form of a cartilaginous skeleton). Read more.

Eighth week of pregnancy

At 8 weeks of gestation, the embryo is already called a fetus. The placenta develops, and now the baby will receive all the nutrients through it. The baby is still quite tiny, but already resembles a little man. Handles, legs were formed, the face was drawn. The active development of the nervous system continues. Due to the varying levels of hormones, you can notice mood changes. Read more.

Ninth week of pregnancy

The 9th week of gestation is characterized by the further formation of the central nervous system: two hemispheres of the brain were formed, the cerebellum is formed. The arms and legs of the fetus thicken, muscles develop. The membranes disappear between the fingers, the back of the baby gradually straightens. Mom may notice that the usual clothes have become a bit cramped in the waist, but others do not notice the changes in your condition. Read more.

Tenth week of pregnancy

At the 10th week of pregnancy, all the organs have already been laid, and then their improvement takes place. Complicated and the most dangerous period of pregnancy ends, when any negative factors (even acute respiratory infections, medication) can disrupt the normal development of the fetus. The placenta is fully formed and actively functioning. The development of nerve endings begins. Read more.

Eleventh week of pregnancy

At the 11th week of pregnancy, the baby may already respond to external stimuli, its movements are becoming more distinct. The kid can already squeeze the handles into cams. Usually at this time, the expectant mother notes that the signs of toxicosis are reduced. The uterus grows in size, and you begin to feel it. The hormone levels stabilize, you become more stable emotionally. Read more.

Twelfth week of pregnancy

The baby in the 12th week of pregnancy is more and more like a man, but his head is still larger than his body. The eyelids have already formed, and there are marigolds on the fingers. The kid can open and close his mouth, squint. The urinary system is well developed, and the fetus can already urinate. You feel better and your tummy starts to noticeably rounded. Read more.

Thirteenth week of pregnancy

Behind the first trimester of pregnancy. You probably already registered, did all the necessary research. The fetus at 13 weeks of pregnancy already has bookmarks of milk teeth, insulin synthesis begins with the pancreas. Active growth of the body begins, and soon the baby will become more proportionate. Actively developing the musculoskeletal system of the fetus. Important processes accompany the development of the digestive tract - intestinal villi are formed. Read more.

Fourteenth week of pregnancy

The 14th week of pregnancy is the beginning of the most enjoyable and, as most moms do, the light period of the second trimester. During this period, your health is good, because far behind the phenomenon of toxicosis, and the uterus is not big enough to cause inconvenience. The baby is already similar to the newborn, but the fatty tissue is not yet accumulated, and it is very thin. Mimicry begins to develop, the baby already has eyebrows and eyelashes. Read more.

Fifteenth week of pregnancy

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, the growth of the baby can already exceed 10 centimeters! Already formed genitals. The ears are almost formed, the facial features are improved. The pituitary gland is actively working. Baby movements are increasingly active. You can mark the appearance of spasms of the gastrocnemius muscles during this period. This is due to the fact that for the normal development of the baby requires a lot of trace elements, which he takes from you. Read more.

Sixteenth week of pregnancy

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby already knows how to turn the head to the sides. His urinary system is actively working - he urinates every 40-50 minutes. Fully formed and actively working liver. The feet of the baby grow quickly, and now they are not much shorter than the handles. Your tummy has noticeably increased, the breast has increased. You have a good appetite and a great feeling. If you are pregnant a second time, you may already feel the movement of the baby! Read more.

Seventeenth week of pregnancy

At the 17th week of pregnancy, the development of the fetal immune system begins. Interferon, immunoglobulins are being produced. The baby already has protection against infections. From this period begins to form subcutaneous fatty tissue, and the baby becomes more well-fed. The kid already hears voices, well distinguishes mother's emotions. You notice that skin and hair become more beautiful. An enlarged uterus is already squeezing the bladder, and frequent urination is absolutely normal. Read more.

Eighteenth week of pregnancy

18 week of pregnancy is the period when most moms have a long-awaited event - they feel the baby's stirring! If you have a second pregnancy, you can enjoy these unforgettable feelings for two weeks. The baby is already quite strong. His eyes are still closed, but he reacts to the light. Already it is time to read him fairy tales, sing gentle songs. It is very important for the baby to get used to the voice of the father. Read more.

Nineteenth week of pregnancy

The kid is gaining weight and is becoming more and more like a newborn. The brain continues to actively develop, and baby movements are becoming more and more coordinated. At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the baby weighs about 200 g. The tummy has already increased significantly, and it may be difficult for you to choose a comfortable position for sleeping. At this stage of pregnancy may appear pain in the lumbar region, the sacrum. Read more.

20th week of pregnancy

There is still half way ahead. The formation of all the organs of the baby has almost ended, but there is still a long way to go. The baby hears well already, he has a developed sucking reflex - he often sucks his finger. He can already open his eyes. The skin becomes denser, a subcutaneous fat is gradually accumulated. You already feel the movement of the baby. Usually at the 20th week of pregnancy a second screening ultrasound is performed. Read more.

Twenty first week of pregnancy

At the 21st week of pregnancy, the baby’s height is equal to half of his height at birth, while the weight is only about 360 g, as long as the fat layer is not too developed. The digestive tract is actively developing. The baby can swallow amniotic fluid that enters the esophagus and beyond. The baby has already developed taste buds, and he distinguishes the taste of the food that mother eats. It's time to instill in him the habits of proper nutrition. Read more.

Twenty second week of pregnancy

At 22 weeks of pregnancy, the baby already distinguishes tactile sensations. He can touch his face, umbilical cord, legs, uterus wall with his hands. You already feel very well the activity of the baby and know when he is sleeping and when he is awake. The nervous system, the senses continue to develop. The kid clearly distinguishes light, melodic music, mother's voice. If he doesn’t like something, he will tell you about it in strong jolts. Read more.

Twenty-third week of pregnancy

Baby continues to actively gain weight. His movements are becoming increasingly strong, and you can already see where the heels are and where the elbows are. At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the baby can already dream! He is more and more interested in the outside world, he touches everything he needs with his hands. You may feel tired, sore feelings in the back, but the correct mode of the day, physical activity perfectly cope with this. Read more.

Twenty fourth week of pregnancy

In the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby is already cramped in the uterus, and his movements are becoming more and more active. Usually, by this time the kids already occupy the position upside down, but if this did not happen - do not worry, because the baby is very active and will turn over more than once. You notice wonderful changes in your appearance - this also applies to a noticeably rounded tummy, and thick shiny hair. Read more.

Twenty-fifth week of pregnancy

At the 25th week of pregnancy, the baby’s lungs are already formed, and surfactant is actively synthesized. From this period, the risk of preterm birth is significantly reduced. The baby often breathes in and out, while the amniotic fluid enters the respiratory system. So he trains before breathing on his own. You feel the movements of the baby at any time of the day, and your sleep and wakefulness schedules may not coincide. Read more.

Twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

26 week of pregnancy - the completion of the second trimester. It is time to sign up for courses for future mothers. Your tummy has increased significantly, and you can feel heartburn, shortness of breath. The kid is so strong that his tremors can be painful for you. The baby has a well-formed ear, eyesight. He calms down when his mother hears a voice, and he has long been accustomed to the sound of your heartbeat. Read more.

Twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

Began the third trimester of your pregnancy. For you this is the most difficult period, which is accompanied by a large load, frequent painful sensations. But this is the most pleasant time, because your relationship with the baby is already very close, you understand him well, you know when and from what he worries. Your baby already weighs almost a kilogram. Now the immune system is actively developing, and you should protect your baby from excess allergens. Read more.

Twenty eighth week of pregnancy

At the 28th week of pregnancy, the baby is very strong and active, and mom and dad gladly put their hands on the tummy and feel the little heels, elbows, and back. The kid likes it a lot and he calms down. Fat tissue continues to accumulate, and a thermoregulation system is formed. This week, mothers with a negative Rh factor are conducting a study on the presence of antibodies. Read more.

Twenty-ninth week of pregnancy

Another week - and a long-awaited vacation! It's time to decide on the choice of the hospital. The kid is actively storing grease, and his cheeks have become plump. The senses are already fully formed - the baby perfectly distinguishes sounds, light, taste. The improvement of the nervous system and reflexes continues. Surfactant accumulates in the alveolar apparatus. At this stage of pregnancy it is very important for you to control weight well. Read more.

30th week of pregnancy

Finally you are on maternity leave! Now you can pay maximum attention to changing your feelings, communicating with your baby, walking. The baby looks like a newborn, its body is covered with downy hairs - lanugo. Due to the increase in the uterus, you may notice that your gait has changed, and pain in the legs and lower back may interfere from time to time. It's time to go to gymnastics courses for pregnant women, yoga or swimming. Read more.

Thirty first week of pregnancy

The kid is gaining weight every day, and you feel this by changing your state of health. At the 31st week of pregnancy, an important process begins in the development of the nervous system - myelination of fibers. Under the skin of the baby has accumulated enough fatty tissue, and his skin brightened. The kid is more and more susceptible to external stimuli - with sharp loud sounds or bright light, he shudders and protests. The formation of the epithelium lining the alveoli continues. Read more.

Thirty-third week of pregnancy

At the 33rd week of pregnancy, the formation of the endocrine, immune, nervous systems is completed. Baby is becoming more proportional. The baby is already getting cramped and he is less active than before. But the movements are getting stronger, and you can feel painful tremors in the hypochondrium. The skin of the fetus is not so shriveled, it is still covered with lanugo. Read more.

Thirty second week of pregnancy

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the baby already weighs about two kilograms. His bone system has already strengthened, the fat layer evenly accumulates throughout the body, and the complexion of the baby becomes more and more similar to the newborn. The baby differentiates well various sounds: voices of mom and dad, melodies, sounds of home appliances, reacts to unfamiliar sounds and voices. You feel well how the baby moves, turns over. Read more.

Thirty-fourth week of pregnancy

In the 34th week of pregnancy, the baby usually occupies the final position. He has very little space for active movements, and it is very difficult to roll over. The layer of protective lubricant covering the skin of the fruit increases. A sufficient amount of surfactant has already been formed in the lungs to allow breathing, and in the case of early births during this period the baby will be able to breathe without the help of equipment. Read more.

Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy

At 35 weeks the baby is fully formed. Then he gains weight, mainly due to adipose tissue. The formation of surfactant is completed. More often the fetus is in head presentation, and you feel very well the movements of the legs in the hypochondria. Putting a hand to the tummy, you can easily discern what the baby is kicking you - with a pen or a leg. Your tummy is already very big, but shortness of breath, heartburn will soon decrease - the baby will sink into the small pelvis. Read more.

Thirty-sixth week of pregnancy

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, your body is preparing for childbirth. You are increasingly feeling training contractions, you need to visit the doctor every week now. Surely already collected bag in the hospital, and all in anticipation. You may be disturbed by pains in the lumbar region, pelvis, but very little is left! The baby continues to gain weight, activity has noticeably decreased. Read more.

Thirty-seventh week of pregnancy

At 37 weeks of gestation, the baby is fully ready for birth. His body already synthesizes cortisol, which is responsible for the ripening of the lungs. The amount of surfactant will allow the baby to breathe normally. Myelination of nerve fibers continues, and this process will occur throughout the first year of life. This week you can already notice a significant relief of well-being - shortness of breath, heartburn, pain in hypochondria, because the stomach has dropped. Read more.

Thirty-eighth week of pregnancy

Births at 38 weeks gestation are completely normal. Your baby already weighs about 3 kilograms, its movements are more and more coordinated, though less active, because there is already very little space. You are increasingly noticing that the stomach is turning to stone. If you can not understand, it is false fights or true, walk around the room - false fights will pass. Be prepared - the birth will begin soon. Read more.

Thirty-ninth week of pregnancy

At the 39th week of pregnancy, both you and the baby are ready for childbirth. The baby has grown a little, his lungs are fully prepared for independent breathing. Your weight may be slightly reduced - before delivery, excess fluid is excreted from the body. You are increasingly running to the toilet, because the uterus descends pressure on the bladder. This week you can notice the harbingers of childbirth: the discharge of mucus plug, increased training bouts. Read more.

Fortieth week of pregnancy

Finally, the long-awaited 40 week of pregnancy, which ends with the expected date of birth. It is this week that childbirth begins most often, but rarely on a calculated day. Maternity hospital has long been selected, bags are packed, everything is ready for the baby to meet. The whole family is waiting, after all a few more days - and you finally hear the voice of the long-awaited baby, you can hug and kiss him! Read more.

Watch the video: The Stages of Embryo Growth (January 2020).